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Sticky jam#104


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This weeks BT's come courtesy of Michael Saulnier!! Thanks M!


I feel like there's a nice bluesy theme to this weeks jam with some interesting twists.


This weeks first BT is Slow Burn.


Slow Burn

I think I was in the neighborhood of A mostly on this one


Next we have a classic in Still Got the Blues. We've done this one before but it's always a goodie!


Still Got the Blues


I was in Amin mostly.



Feel free to continue posting in prior threads, or even posting from prior threads here as the prior threads rise and get buried. We don't all always see a prior one.


If anyone would like to take a shot at hosting the sticky jam for a week (or even more), give me a shout!


Listing of all previous HCEG Sticky Jams

Big thanks to Arkay for providing us the space to keep BT's and the terrific programming job that let's us see previous jams without cluttering this post!


Have Fun!

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I tried Slow Burn again after getting back an old friend, a guitar I had sold off. My old SX SST57 w/P90's. Alder Body. Thought this might be a nice place to show off the tonal variations of P90's on different bodies. The Gibson P90's are probably some of the best P90's in the world. I'm not expecting the SX P90's to compete but I still think you'll be able to hear basic differences due to body type and wood.




Burnt up

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Dude! You need you one of those! Hey,
need me one of those! That's the tone! Pissed off P-90, but soaked in butter. Nice job!

Hopefully get back to posting again, once I figure out the glitches in Acid 7 and POD Farm



Thanks man!! That's an incredible guitar for sure!!

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I have two takes on slowburn,1st one sober, 2nd one after 4 drinks,you guys decide which one is better.


after 4 drinks



You were smooth suave and sexy sober. You was a take no prisoners, bitch slappin, son of no man better get in my way kinda guy with 4 drinks!


Have one on me!:thu:

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