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Sticky jam#104


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first i gotta get the recording equipment, then i gotta get the skills...

Yup me too (well this skill part). But the Sticky Jam is always a source of inspiration. I downloaded the GM blues before and had always jammed with it clean, never distorted. After listening to a few of the versions and one which was distorted (sorry forgot who) I gave it a whirl tonight...wish I had recorded it, I had a blast! Put a whole new spin on it.


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One of my favorite things to do is to just get together with other players and just jam cold on anything new. This is like therapy for me as well.

Okay, this one was on the other Hamer.

deleted old link

"The Blues Don't Leave"
(shiny new link, edited out the intro clicks)

Doesn't get quite and "Peter Greeny" as the i21, but it's a sweet sounding guitar (and can do the out of phase tone). And the patch I used was called "Still Got The Blues."
It was too obvious
to use it.

Nice tone... kinda reminds me of a Europa / Santana type thing. I liked how you started out real smooth, and then got real nasty! Lots of creative ideas and you kept it flowing all the way through. I dug the volume swells. Enjoyed it! :thu:


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