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VOM1T March 2018


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A zillion apologies for the late start - because (a) I had it in my mind that it was due next weekend and (b) I wasn't around anyway last weekend - away in South Wales accompanied by lots of snow. Which reminded me of another snowy weekend in the winter of 1967/8 when I attended a concert in North Wales given by The Incredible String Band. It was the best live concert I've ever been to - two very talented musicians playing a wide range of acoustic instruments.


So here is one of their songs - recorded a long time ago so on my then rudimentary equipment. IIRC played on my Yamaha Pacifica through a small 10W amp with some reverb in the mix.


Witches Hat (Robin Williamson) by The Incredible String Band




Certainly, the children have seen them,

In quiet places where the moss grows green.

Coloured shells, jangle, together,

The wind is cold, the year is old

The trees whisper together,

and bent in the wind, they lean...

Next week a monkey is coming to stay,

Mmmm, mmm, mmm,

If I was a witches hat,

Sitting on her head like a paraffin stove,

I'd fly away and be a bat,

Across the air, I would rove

Stepping like a tight-rope walker

Putting one foot after another

Wearing black cherries for rings

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Hi Howard ,i enjoyed that ,youv`e had that one up before ,i`m sure. i also enjoyed the "Beast from the East"lol .it meant i took the day off of work, unfortunatly for everyone else i recorded this on that day ,i do love Elvis`s version .https://soundcloud.com/user-282584942/thats-alright-mama

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As long as late is fashionable -


Been on a Cat Stevens reminiscence lately. Here's his Longer Boats. Quite a few queued up and being polished. This is my Yamaha classical played through the Fishman SA220 to the Zoom H4. I rendered the .wav file in the H4 to mp3 and from there to Box-dot-net.




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