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Ok, just to make things easier


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surely no one will tell but dont you think phil can read?



You give me way too much credit... :o:D


Loobster, here's the deal:


1. Alts are grounds for perma-bans. Especially when used to post while on a temp ban, or if already perma-banned.


2. I didn't see where you posted the image that got you banned, so I need to look into what's up.


3. You have eight or nine posts with this alt screen name. If I see any more past that, I WILL perma-ban. I'll leave this account open (for the moment) so you can use it to PM me with the details about what happened.


4. I'll look into it - but not until at LEAST tomorrow or Sunday - I'm swamped in the studio.


5. If we do let you back (after your temp ban, or from a perma-ban) it only happens with conditions. IOW, you have to follow the site rules.


Ball's in your court. PM me to discuss things, or continue posting with this or ANY screen name, and get 86'd from HC for good - your choice. :wave:

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