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  1. Selling my Matthias Eklundh Sig model... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/191418078765
  2. Thank you, I will check them out. I was waiting for Poparad to chime in on this one....
  3. I know that a few of you here are familiar with Kurt's playing, especially poparad, and was wondering if you could give an insight into what makes him sound like Kurt Rosenwinkel? Thank you!
  4. Tone Freak Dragonfly. Catalinbread SFT.
  5. ahh that Jbrazz and his family problems! What a crazy guy! He must have no conscience to do this. What a dirty lying bastard.
  6. yeah, I bet you did....asshole. This made me lol.
  7. Tweak fuzz is an ok pedal, but a lame ass fuzz. If that delay wasn't UGLY AS SIN it might be cool :poke: +1. THe Tweak Fuzz isn't that good. Definitely a try before you buy.
  8. When I came into this thread I wasn't expecting to see pictures of John Mayer in an electric green "Borat" style bathing suit.
  9. Jbrazz Last Activity: Today 07:35 PM hahahaha!
  10. Cool! Always good to see Miles stuff on here.
  11. Sounds great! Nothing sounds better than a clean guitar, compression and some modulation.
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