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  1. Loving the new album. Finally got to listen to it today. Probably gonna go to Brixton on the 30th too, funds permitting. Mind Mischief also my fave track.
  2. once it's gone, it's gone. Sorry dorks.
  3. the offsets: '65? Firebird III non-reverse, AVRI JM, '62 JM, '65 JM the gibsons: '65? Firebird, '68 SG Special, EDS1275, '74 LP Deluxe, '59 ES175D, J-45 the fenders: AVRI JM, '62 JM, '65 JM, MIJ '60's Strat, Parts Nocaster, refin'd '98 MIA tele the bean: '76 TB-1000S money $hot: I really want to come and hang out at your place. Amazing collection.
  4. No idea why there isn't a big UK music trade show
  5. http://londonelectricguitarshow.com/exhibitors.html amazing
  6. Andi is one of a handful of HCFX-ers (or ex-HCFX-ers ) I've actually met- tried one of his MonkeyFuzzle3s at a trade show and was impressed. He mostly posts at Musicradar now. I think he's a mod there. I met him too, I think at the London Guitar Show, years ago. Is that even still going?
  7. That is nuts, and scary at the same time. Fender are powerful motherfuckers. What was an unknown 18 year old kid gonna do. Pretty insane how they got the guitar to Kurt too.
  8. Yeah, they are rare. I have one available to me at a decent price but it's pretty bashed up.
  9. I'm looking for one of these (on the right) at the right price/condition now...
  10. Four of my babies: Gibson Explorer & ESP Eclipse
  11. Aot of Mustang and LP love on this page. Both of those feel like baby guitars to me. I just can't do it, even if I wanted too. LP isn't much smaller than your EGCs?
  12. That custom is the {censored}! Bbreaker, I love that 620!
  13. First post. Bant at the other place. Not shown: Beater-SG, Contreras flamenco-nylon. Awesome. Bant where? TGP?
  14. ben the asat is gone? Gone but not forgotten. Nor missed much... I don't get precious about guitars particularly I suppose..
  15. My two electrics. Hope to add a Baja Tele or similar to this line up this year.
  16. pssstt clementwave still posts on here
  17. I saw em in the summer, it was utterly boring. They sounded good though.
  18. I never got caught, but had a couple of very close shaves as a teenager.
  19. lol were you the one with the Blue Guard on your telemaster or tele or whatever? blue pickguards have to be one of the worst aesthetic 'upgrades' one could make to what should be a beautiful instrument. Agreed. He wasn't the dude with the blue guard on the Telemaster, that was Blakemore.
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