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amp woes


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You guys are gonna hate on me so hard for thus, but I gotta ditch the classic 50.


I KNOW I KNOW. I love it, its awesome, but its just not practical right now. Why?


1. It huge.


I knew this going into it and didn't care. However, I've been gigging really heavily and we don't have a van, so its sometimes a bitch transporting it. And this kinda goes into my next point...


2. It's heavy.


It's just {censored}ing heavy. I've had to lug it up and down stairs for the last 6 months and its getting old.


3. It's too loud.


I thought I would need the headroom. Not even close. We have played quite a few smaller gigs that we have been mic'd up for and my volume was not even at two. Ugh. It sounded okay, but it wasn't even breaking a sweat and its really clean that low. Why have all that power with no way to use it?


4. The reverb is weak.


Now, it sounds good and all, but its not anywhere near fender reverb. It's just the way the thing was designed.


I mean, the amp sounds fantastic. It's just a great sounding amp. But I need something smaller. I was looking at another vox ac4tv but that thing wouldn't hold up unmic'd.



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I wouldn't say good for me. I just want to hold onto something. If I could afford to have two amps I would!


My obvious first choice is a blues Jr. But I was also thinkin about the ac15c1 since the price is the same almost.


A deluxe reverb would be nice, but its way out of my price range.

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I'm a happy Vox AC15c1 user, certainly worth a look.


What's your budget? I'm also looking to add an amp, and the VHT line is looking good to me. Maybe not what you're thinking about, but damn the feature set is nice, very fairly priced, moddable, all tube. Worth looking at.


The Ultra 6 head is capturing my interest, might not have quite enough headroom for you (or it might) but there's also a 12/20 version too.


Here's the Ultra6 combo version - Ambient just got one, see his thread. $329 new. Also, the Standard line is very nice, and they're handbuilt in San Fran, right in your back yard. Fender designs I think too, definitely not metal amps anymore.





Here's the 12/20 watt version combo for $524 new



Also has tube driven effects loop.

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I think going from 50W to 15W is pretty drastic, especially if you're playing live with this amp........but

If you're looking in the power/price range of a Blues Jr, check out the Ampeg gvt 15W, head or combo, it stomps the Blues Jr completely.

I tried the combo when my friend's GC store received a few to preview last year and the 15W is surprisingly badass. Sounded full, warm, touch sensitive, and a very LOUD 15W! Single channel, 2x6V6, 15W or 7.5W option, Baxandall tone stack (my favorite thing about it), gain, master, reverb. Ordered the head myself. Demos show the 50W pretty regular with the 2 channel 6L6 setup and {censored}ty high gain side. Don't pay any mind to that one....

The reverb sounded good, more lush and big than a Fender style spring, footswitchable too. The Bax let's you dial in a {censored} ton of different sounds, and the 15W setting gives tons of clean headroom before breaking up into a pretty mean drive. I brought quite a few pedals along and it paired well with everything. Made in China or Korea, can't remember, but so are a lot of comparable amps. 5 year warranty too which is solid...


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