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  1. '67 American Fender Telecaster Custom Reissue - $1,000 shipped and PP'd -This guitar is a rare 2005 Fender Special Run Telecaster custom. It's similar to an AVRI but with a few differences. First difference is the neck, and the truss rod access on the headstock. A common AVRI neck doesn't have that. Second, this Telecaster has a S-1 switching system to go from series/parallel with the pickups. This is a beautiful guitar in Dakota red with double cream binding. This guitar has been played, and has it's share of nicks and dents, but nothing that looks horrible or affects playability. Electronics are in good shape. Neck has a gloss finish and is straight. Guitar does not come with a case, but for added protection I will send it with a gig bag, although the zipper is broken. I'm throwing this in for more protection in shipping...you probably won't want to use it for a long term bag.
  2. EHX Cathedral - $165 shipped and PP'd -Comes with box, papers, power supply EHX Deluxe Memory Man with Tap Tempo - $425 shipped and PP'd -Perfect condition, comes with box, papers, power supply Boss RE-20 Space Echo - $175 shipped and PP'd -Comes with box and instructions Boss RV-2 Reverb - $100 shipped and PP'd Dr. Scientist Tremolessence - $225 shipped and PP'd -Brand new, comes with box and instructions Vintage Rat clone with LM308 chip - $95 shipped and PP'd -Built by forumite Aaron_SS/Used 666. Sounds awesome I'm looking for a Strymon El Cap and a Pog 2, but that's it as far as trades go. Thanks
  3. EHX Cathedral reverb -$175 shipped and PP'd -Comes with box, papers, and power supply Boss RV-2 - $100 shipped and PP'd Boss RV-5 - $90 shipped and PP'd Boss RE-20 Space Echo - $175 shipped and PP'd -Comes with box and papers ARC Effects vintage RAT wth LM308 - $100 shipped and PP'd -Awesome vintage RAT clone built by Aaron_SS/Used 666. Has LM308 chip and his build quality is beautiful. All pedals are in great condition, no velcro, etc. I'm looking for a POG 2 but that's about it for trades at the moment. Thanks
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