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i can't reconcile


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i go look at the spam thread and see all these pretty pedals that look wonderful


and i'm like well these guys are from hcfx they know toan like its the quran


but wait a second they are selling this pretty pedal so it must suck because other wise they would keep it more than a day/week/month/year


it is the hcfx spam thread paradox


preventing my spending




with so many pedals in the universe, there has to be the one for me, yet i haven't seen it

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i see what you did there ryn.

check out my spam ad ryan, there is surely something you'd like there. i can think of a couple

also Y??O???L???O???

it was your spam post that started this thread.

that blue pedal looks so neat but you got that like 5 days ago. i mean c'mon

why u gotta do dis?

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