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don`t know of em but there were literally dozens of brands in the 60`s/70`s over here, I doubt there were dozens of factories...coulda been though... but it would be nearly impossible to list them all. I`ve started seeing old Victor guitars...as in RCA...with the little dog logo. Pretty sure they weren`t builing those themselves.

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Good morning from Italy...

I'm a completely newbie of the forum, but i have to ask you for an help...I post this here perfectly knowing that isn't the proper place but...there's nothing else...you're the only forum talking about this brand.

The story is easy:


I have (by several years, exactly 20) an sg copy...yes...solid body ... trying to upgrade it a bit in the last weeks with a luthier friend i've discovered that's an asahi... Or better, the neck is an electric guitar solid body (gibson style) neck marked as asahi... we found the signature under layers and layers of paint on the neckhead... Electric... But the Logo is the same of this acoustic one (see pics added).


Searching in internet i've found a few informations about this Brand, from hi to low, "great" and "oh my gosh"... I've red something about a japanese copy of Martin's acoustic guitars (may be used also by Grateful Dead guitar hero Jerry Garcia)






Something about creepy copies of acoustic great brands maded in korea (but with a different logo - more space between the letters)




And something about Strat copies always made in korea...


My luthier fried, sectioning the neck from the rest of guitar,said that is "not so bad"; or well...the neck is not so bad, cause it has been probably added and glued to a crappy body after his handcrafting...neck older than body. Nice woods (ebony and rosewood, just one joint, for the guitar neck head)


My question is just one


Does anyone has some ideas of this brand? In acoustic and electric? I think is pretty old...at least i think 25 years ... Where is this from? Is the same koreanian brand of my pic? some review?




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