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Show me yours, and I'll show you mine...

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Originally posted by Super 8

We've upgraded.


Sure beats that dictaphone I was using.


That doesn't look all that different than the very first tape recorder ever owned - a Realistic portable cassette deck. :) I asked for, and got it for Christmas when I was 8, or 10 or something like that. I used to record all sorts of things with that little thing. And my first startling discovery was that my own voice sounded nothing like "my own voice" when I recorded it and played it back. Of course, being the curious type, I wanted to know why... and the never ending search for audio and aural knowledge begain for me.


The other big one was sitting by the radio with it in rec ready, and waiting for "that new song I like so much" to come on so I could record it... music piracy, or, if you prefer, time shifting "fair use", circa 1971... :love:;):D

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Here are some pics of my new studio its still in progress


Protools hd3, control 24, midi i/o, 192 i/0, dual 2.5 g5, 4 wd 500gig drives, argosy console


Avalon 737, UA 6176/1176, Sebatron Vmp2000-e, 2 groove tubes bricks


U87ai, blue kiwi, blue ball, blue dragonfly, 57's, 58's, at4060,


Mackie monitors and subs


Control room, 2 iso booths, reverb room


neutrik patch bays


tc finalizer and voice one


hammond organ, roland fantom, 2 cme midi controllers, full list of soft synths, and motif es rack


Lots of guitars, amps, and instruments.


Studiopic ` studio pic 2

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Yeah i am trying to get some professional pictures done once i clean it up.


Right now it is in an empty house. The house is pretty big on about 4 acres. The house itself is about 6000 ft^2


The control room is 50x30x12. I am doing the acoustical treatment right now.


The iso booth was well crafted. No parallel walls. I am working on the diffusion in there right now because it is still a bit too much verb.


The reverb room is 70X35X25. I have got some killer drums and vocals in there.


I basically took the place over from my friends godparents. ABout 3 years ago they built the studio. They moved out of the house and no one used the studio since about 6 months after it was built. So these past few months I have been moving my stuff in and sprucing stuff up a bit.


Eventually we want it to be a first class facility. We are supposed to redo the entire house in 60's furnishings. This way it will hopefully be attractive for bands to come and stay. It has a tennis and basketball court, gazeebo, pool, and a huge deck.


It's going to be cool as soon as i start getting a bigger client base.


I am planning to get:



Focusrite liquid channel

another 737



4 api 512c






empirical distressor

drawmer 1960

4 api 525


2 more 1176



great river eq



royer 121



4 ev re20


I hope to get all this stuff in there within the next year. Hopefully I will make enough to facilitate it but i will most likely get the top 1 or 2 from each list.

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Thats a HUGE studio space(s)!!!


Nice score!


Could you smallen (is that a word?) the cont. room, and utilize a sectioned part for something else? The verb room is an amazing size, and you could get some serious natural verb, I would think. The control room just seems gargantuan to me...


I would be pee-ing in improper places to have that much area to use!!





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