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  1. Great. I come back here once in a while to see if there is an improvement in something I have been interested in buying for some time. I learn that if I dont have some "gay" friends, my life is not full.. Super helpful, to I am sure, everyone. Good jorb, Bocackio... (Threw a typo in there to make ya feel all fuzzy)
  2. "My understanding of this format is that people who use the thing are not just entitled but encouraged to chime in with their experience, whatever it happens to be. There’s an expert moderator, and then there’s regular users chiming in. It’s a great mix, the best thing that’s happened to product reviews in a long time. " hehe, so, your cute evaluation of this being equivalent to the TV series "Lost", is a serious comment to add to this review?? I find it amusing, when people that want to clown, can suddenly sit back and play "Mr. Maturity" with compelling statements that only come from a well-rehearsed "wordsmith". Maybe the current pond size you are in needs re-evaluating... helloooooo!
  3. I have a feeling that I wouldnt have those hijack problems, if I obtain the 400. I have 2 systems, one that NEVER touches the internet in the studio (Although I sometimes wish I had never installed sp2) and the other system for the internet, in a different part of the building. I will buy a 300 dollar biscuity pc every year or 2 for INTERNET only, and whatever clowning around junk, printing, burning, surfing, whatever. If you are serious about recording on pc or mac, you ask, no, BEG for problems by being cheap, period. If someone is trying to play a fun stupid thing, and using powertab, and seriously recording on the same system, it may be that your prior cards werent "serious" at all, and let all the kids play in the street..... keep separate systems, much less problems.... I have the 1820m right now, and as it sounds great, it has had 2wice the horror of ANY of these problems. It has been a software-driver trainwreck since its release.
  4. Originally posted by 88keys: "I can't possibly try too many convertors and especially at one time which would be the most revealing. My retailer probably wouldn't go for that" This is what I was referring to, on your previous post. There seemed to be a contradiction between the 2. Sorry if I misunderstood what you meant. Sorry also If I came off as an asswad, but I deal with patrons, I guess you would call them, at work all the time that want me to tell them if this 200 dollar mic will give them the "CD" sound like Dr. Dre, or Snoop Doogee Houser gets. HEHEHE! After explaining to them, that their soundblaster, radio shack speakers, and mamas popcorn, needs a bit more than a better mic, they nod knowingly, and ask the same question again......"So which mic will do it"........sheesh...... I dont think anyone here is like that, its just an example of what I deal with sometimes, and Im not anywhere near a great engineer. Just have a hard time training the peoples abouit basic stuff. Its even more fun when they dont listen to you, AT ALL!! Plus, Ive gained 5 pounds, and Im bloated!! DO I LOOK FAT?!??!!
  5. Originally posted by 88keys: "This is where words might not be quite enough and leaves the reader often wondering where the product stands. As a keyboard player, the "single coil/humbucker" analogy doesn't do anything for me. How do I know that it's better than my Tango 24 convertors ? Is it worth the upgrade ?" OK, gotta chime in here again, sorry.... I just heard one today with keyboard, yes its better than the Tango converters. I see it as a frustrating sitch here, that people are wanting the right "words" to solidify their decision , but arent willing to listen to certain "words", and dismiss them as jargon. AND at the same time, complaining that they cant "use" it before they buy it! I think Craig is doing a very nice job on this review, and is more extensive than a mag review, if for nothing else, for the simple fact that its "interactive". It seems like its not that stupid of an idea for some to email Craig, and gently persuade him to say what they want to hear!! LOL!!! I guess some short conversion A/B clips would help, or would they?? Might confuse someone even more? I sound like Craigs lawyer here, which is pretty sad, because I would be better off with him as MY lawyer!!!
  6. > Well, "For me" the analogy is cool, I know it can be a hazy way of wording to us, but what is a better alternative?? Its pretty much, "I like them", or "I dont like them", which leaves absolutely nothing, not even a vague comparison, like the pup idea. If you ask Craig to A/B the same mix, using different dac's, and he was to say, "why, yes, they are glassy and harsh", that wouldnt mean the same to you or me, maybe, right? My point is, there is nothing wrong at all with drawing a difficult listening comparison from a tone opinion, that most of us have been familiar with for years, which is the pup & amp design thing... Its not a measured science, but it may help to convey in "words" (words dont have sound) a closer understanding of a product....
  7. Great review Mr. Craig! I have an 1820m, but I am looking to replace it with the new box next year, and havent found this extensive of a review on, well almost anything! Its neat if the pres are good, but I like the conversion and local control the most about it. Hope you're getting some sleep!!!
  8. Great mic, you have to know how and WHEN to use it!!! The guy that said it was noisy, shows you, that anyone can post a stupid rant here. This is a dead silent mic. I suppose if everything else you have in your chain is junk, you will have noise, period. This is older technology, it works, if your brain does!!
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