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  • i vote no guard,but either way it's beautiful

    i am jealous
    guitars are is better
    the combo is wonderful!


    • with
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      • No guard on that one. And on the truss rod cover what I think would look perfect is the same shade/color as the wood of the headstock. The black plastic is almost too black. (no spinal tap jokes)


        • no guard


          • Looks amazing!!! I vote black truss rod cover or rosewood. Or maybe shoot more of the dark brown onto the maple bit to darken it right up?

            No guard is my vote.


            • I think the burst trust rod cover looks phenomenal.. very unique.
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              • With guard

                Trussrod cover to match headstock, but don't forget to put your signature on it


                • No guard. They should be forbidden on LPs.


                  • I looks much better without the pickguard.


                    • I gotta say I had liked the idea of the wood truss rod cover.... till I saw it... I think the black would look better.

                      As for the pick guard... Frankly I like pickguards on LP's, so Im biased... [what is strange, becouse I dont use a pick....] so I would install it if it was mine.


                      • Definitely no on the pickguard, don't want to hide home made custom work. That's like grandma putting all those radishes on top of her award winning potato salad.

                        I for one think the wood truss cover is a must. Fits in very nicely with the feel of what you are creating.


                        • Excellent progress Freeman! I always enjoy checking this thread.

                          As for your two questions, my votes are as followed:

                          Black plastic truss rod cover

                          Yes pickguard, but in a darker cream to match the pickup rings.

                          I agree, if you go with a Guard, then it needs to match the pickup rings. I do like it with a Guard tho.

                          As for the TRC, Could we see the burst one in a pic of the whole guitar? Maybe it'd make more sense if we see it along side the body's colour.
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                          • No guard! Let's see as much of that amazing finish as possible!
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                            Originally Posted by GAS Man

                            Thrash the establishment, strip it down, and let it rip.

                            Originally Posted by Deadbeat Son

                            There's no "just a" allowed here. There's no reason to denigrate a great guitar that does the trick for you just because it's less expensive than someone else's.

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                            • Thanks everyone. For right now I'm going to leave the p/g off - I don't use them on my acoustics and once I drill the holes I'm committed. If I start to scratch it I can always put one on.

                              And I'm going to play around with the TR cover some more - it was kind of fun to make the maple one but I'm not too crazy about it. I've got some rosewood scrap - maybe I can make one with a very fine around the edge - I'll experiment and see what happens.

                              Tonight I'll post some pictures of setting it up - today we are going out to hunt our Christmas tree.


                              • Very nice. and good luck on finding the perfect Christmas tree.
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