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Where did Devi Ever / fuzzgoddess go??

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  • Where did Devi Ever / fuzzgoddess go??

    First of all. I know she's a bit of a controversial figure. This post doesn't have anything to do with that

    I just noticed how she used to do things on social media daily - nothing for a couple of months

    I went to her fuzzgoddess website and now it's just a redirect to reverb..not her reverb store, but just a redirect to a fuzzgoddess search

    please please please don't take this next part as an attack or criticism

    I'm a little worried b/c she does have a history of some mental health problems (if she was diabetic I'd have the same's a health issue, not a shame issue) and seeing someone just drop off the radar after pretty much living on social media 24/7 is a pretty radical change.

    anyone heard anything?

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    i do not see, why the last paragraph should be an attack or criticism, you just raised you concern that you haven't heard anything from her...

    no i haven't heard anything either, but she hasn't been here for a couple of years, when there was this big rumble, she said she leaves this place and never coming back and as far as i can remember so it has has been

    anyhow, i hope she is fine


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      If you look on her FB page, the latest post is July 26 showing new pedals that she built. Not a huge amount of activity though. I wonder where she is selling the pedals?
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        I hope she's okay.


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