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  1. Sup guys. Nirvana728/Travvybear here. This is my new board nowadays but I’ll be replacing the Satisfaction fuzz. Hope everyone is well!
  2. Good write up, Phil! Looking forward to part 2!
  3. Yeah I'm not a big rhythm circuit guy. The Bullet Mustang only comes with a 3 way toggle, if it had come with a classic Mustang switching system I probably would've kept it in, set both pickups to always on and then use the switch to toggle series/parallel.
  4. Jazzmaster is a Squier Vintage Modified, refinished in nitro Ocean Blue metallic, GFS Jazzmaster Pickups, took out the rhythm circuit, mustang bridge, blacked out the guard/knobs/covers/toggle switch. Heres an iPhone clip of my amp. https://soundcloud.com/travisbrowning-1/test Mustang is a Squier Bullet, added a GFS bridge, blue Mustang pickguard from Amazon, black pickup covers, 1 gold foil pickup in the neck straight to the volume pot and output jack. Heres a clip into a digital blackface fender amp. https://soundcloud.com/travisbrowning-1/mustangtest
  5. I know right?! I'm a heathen! Actually, I just found myself never using delay in the band. I love delay, I just don't use it as a rhythm player. Oh and the DS-1 has the diodes clipped so its much more into the fuzz territory than the classic DS-1 sound. No worries about side tracking the thread! I literally made it as a goof on the "Compact Ten-Pedal Board" thread If I were going for a versatile, all around great compact board it would probably be Tuner - OD - Fuzz - Modulation - Delay. More specifically a Pitchblack - Timmy - Some sort of versatile fuzz, Swollen Pickle maybe - for mod maybe something like a Zoom CDR for a ton of options or a Catalinbread Pareidolia Harmonic Memerizer for a little bit of everything - Delay, a Waza DM-2 because I'm a simpleton and don't understand the crazier delays.
  6. Basically a tuner > DOD 280 set for always on, nothing too squishy > OD-3 for my light/neutral overdrive > Boss DS-1 that I clipped the diodes on so now it sounds closer to a Fuzz, almost like a Red Llama meets an HM-2 > and the RV-6, 99% of the time its set to modulate with stereo outs.
  7. I like it! How do you like your CS-3? Is it an always on pedal for you?
  8. I'm not sure, but it sounds a hell of a lot like Satisfaction so I'm thinking whatever that one was. Been playing with this thing as often as I can get just haven't had much time lately. Tomorrow I will get to use it at band practice and really open it up, I'll try to get a quick recording of it then and Thursday I have the day off so I'll sit down and do an actual demo.
  9. I hadn't heard it either until just a few days ago. I've honestly always heard bad things about it but I think it sounds killer! Its got 3 modes, Fuzz Face, Maestro and Octavia. I want to do a demo of it here soon but work has been really busy lately. Maybe Sunday I can get some clips up.
  10. Haven't had time to crank it yet but it sounds really good, much better than I anticipated. The Fuzz Face and Maestro modes are killer, and I will most likely have it parked in the Fuzz Face mode, the Ocatavia is very cool but I probably won't be using it much.
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