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  1. hmm, one thing that is...concerning? there doesn't appear to be an sensitivity control on the panel for the swell now they may have figured out how to trim it really well, or maybe one of th eother controls does double duty..but I've found the sense to be important of dialing in the feel of SG style effects
  2. oh dear, that's a big statement. I do kinda think it was probably healthier for her not be be on social media - it did seem to consume her to detriment of so much else. I don't mean this as a dismissal of the transgender experience, but I think there are major aspects of that statement are part-and-parcel with ongoing MH issues that are deeply comprehensive. I sincerely hope (and if she's reading, please consider) she is seeking...and heeding the advice of...mental health counseling - in patient may even be warranted now. i'm bringing that up because it could be a safety issue at this point.
  3. One nice thing about integrating it, esp long swells, in the compressor with plucked instruments like guitar is that you're often going to need the compressor anyway to give the signal enough extra strength (apparent sustain through gain increase) late in the natural envelope to give the swell something to work on. If you try to put a really long attack (swell) on a non-sustaining note, there won't be much left to swell late in the game..just a dying note.
  4. yep, a swell pedal is basically a noise gate with a long attack. I mean if you look at it from a classic subtractive synth architecture - you could have a VCA do all the dynamics "volume" duteis I need to qualify "all"..I mean I can see with a plucked instrument how compression is also a signal conditioner in terms of keeping an even input and that can effect things like overdrives -- so literally ALL is a bit of an overstatement about never needing other signal conditioning -- but modifications of the volume, swell or staccato effects, tremolo, limiting, noise gating, etc could be done it's really a question of controlling the gain of the VCA
  5. "up to" is kind of the qualifier there. like 1001 was saying (cute), one majorly controlling factor is if it can handle the current draw and that varies from pedal to pedal. some take a teeny amt others take quite a lot it's a little like "how many people can that hot air balloon hold?" are we talking women's gymnasts or offensive linemen (and I don't mean rude telephone repair techs:D )?
  6. I think an EQ pedal is a decent place to start. I mean you can use it as a "tailored" boost so you can try some different curves out "brighter" is pretty well defined, but "bigger" is a bit more abstract so the solution isn't as clear cut with boosting, if you are doing it before a dirty amp, you aren't just going to change volume, but the tone as well so having a little EQ option to tweak that can be helpful. also remember if you are hearing it in multitrack recorded music. they can alter things in the mixdown so it's a bit of an illusion
  7. welp, a buddy inquired from one of the remaining retailers and I guess shes shuttered the business permanently. I haven't heard on her well-being though which was what I was mostly worried about [img2=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"https:\/\/www.harmonycentral.com\/forum\/core\/images\/smilies\/frown.gif"}[/img2] With Nick of Catalinbread passing away and Devi exiting just seems like a chapter of HCFX has closed
  8. some of the modellers might help the zoom MSseries has a slow gear with a couple of curves and it's decently long you might be able to alter the RC network that makesu the EG in the BYOC one. to give y a super long swell one caveat - since it's just autoswelling the volume, you might want to patch in a compressor to get you extra sustain so that there's something left to swell
  9. First of all. I know she's a bit of a controversial figure. This post doesn't have anything to do with that I just noticed how she used to do things on social media daily - nothing for a couple of months I went to her fuzzgoddess website and now it's just a redirect to reverb..not her reverb store, but just a redirect to a fuzzgoddess search please please please don't take this next part as an attack or criticism I'm a little worried b/c she does have a history of some mental health problems (if she was diabetic I'd have the same concerns...it's a health issue, not a shame issue) and seeing someone just drop off the radar after pretty much living on social media 24/7 is a pretty radical change. anyone heard anything?
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