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    I own a Rogue Analog Delay. An "analog voiced digital delay pedal." I don't know if its bad or good because I don't really use delay.....I'm thinking since its a Rogue and I paid $25 for it, its probably passable if I was just wanting to add a bit of delay to fatten up leads or something. But, I don't really play leads....yeah, why did I buy it again?
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      Boss DD7, swapped an el capistan for it with cash and dont miss it. Much more useful in an everyday context I find.

      Also a flashback but I cant decide whether to dump it for an echo park or delaylab. Its good but I need MORE DELAY.


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        I've been using an EQD Disaster Transport. I'm not a huge delay person but I actually managed to get some awesome sounds out of it tonight, it might have saved its place on my board
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          The last three pedals on my board are an RE-20 Space Echo, a Strymon Blue Sky and a Line 6 Echo Park. The only one that's going anywhere is the Echo Park. That will be replaced with a Catalinbread Echorec. The RE-20 has been on my board since they came out. It's my go-to delay.


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            Zoom G3


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              echobox for quality, dd-20 for do it all.
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                The one on my POD is good enough for me. But then I rarely use effects . I basically bought it because I wanted reverb and it was dirt cheap.
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                  Regular Flashback for me.
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                    Being a delay geek,I admit that I have several.Definately more than I'll ever need.My most recent "go to" pedals are my AMT Stutterfly and TC Electronic Flashback x4.Others are a Vahlbruch SpaceTime,Guyatone Mighty Micro MDm5,G-Lab SD-1 Smooth Delay and Boss DD-20.The Skreddy Echo is next on my "to buy" list.

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                      I love my Carbon Copy and Echo Park.

                      Finally, a Carbon Copy. That took longer than I thought. Great bang for the buck pedal


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                        currently a DD-3 and an Ibanez EM5 Echo Machine.

                        Was until recently using an Alesis Quadraverb GT which I loved but was too cumbersome.


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                          Vox Delay Lab
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                            Carbon copy
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                              Hardwire DL-8 here.


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                                Wampler Faux Tape Echo, but you already knew that, obviously. I loves it.

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