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  1. that post was over 5 years old for f**ks sake. really dude?
  2. All you do is post links to your ebay auctions. I don't see a price for interested buyers here on HC. Are you even trying to sell them here or just trying to increase traffic to your ebay auctions? what a tool
  3. Both in great shape. Work perfectly. PS-5 - $75 shipped BF-3 - $48 shipped
  4. hcprimerib

    Sovtek Mig 50H

    jshapiro, you do realize that this thread was over 2 years old?
  5. hcprimerib


    where are you located?
  6. Everything works. Sounds great. A volume pot is a little scratchy when you turn it but it doesn't effect the performance of this amp. $625 shipped/paypal'd
  7. ooh, I'm very interested in this. especially if you get any HG's in.
  8. damn, you're going to get me killed by my wife. LOL. Money sent
  9. yeah, pic of the "tolex cut" please. m/
  10. so are you selling it here or just trying to bring traffic to your ebay listing?
  11. why is the trem bridge not the same finish as the rest of the hardware?
  12. MP1 is sold. thanks
  13. Seymour Duncan Invader. Just a few months old. Works perfectly - $45 shipped EMG 81 quick connect type. just the pickup, no wiring, pots (or the pictured pickup ring) or jack. like new $55 shipped Duncan Blackouts AHB1 set. Neck and Bridge PUs. Great shape, work perfectly. Just the pickups. $99 shipped
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