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  1. I hope hes been able to retube the amp AND get the BC Rich setup by now haha. Actually, this is HCAF....he probably doesnt even own either of those pieces of gear anymore.
  2. Probably not, but what did you have in mind?
  3. bump. Make an offer if you dont like my price.
  4. Word. I hear that. Please keep me in mind
  5. Originally Posted by Dolf you two should do that trade Raf needs two ninjas I agree. I almost grabbed one of these when I was looking at guitars, but I didnt...and lets face it...Im not kidding any one with this non V stuff...Im a V player, through and through.
  6. Any interest in an LTD EC401FM? Id LOVE to have another Ninja. http://acapella.harmony-central.com/...1#post46884981
  7. EC401fm. Basically brand new. Replaced the EMGs with a dimarzio breed and a dimarzio humbucker from hell. Put on black hardware, including dunlop straplocks and planet waves auto trim tuners. I also sanded the neck to a flat finish, rather than the gloss finish. Theres a scratch near one of the bridge posts, but otherwise, this guitar is perfect. Bought it new a few months ago...maybe july, I think. Ill throw in the gig bag that I got for it too, since I wont have a guitar that fits in it. 400 shipped.
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