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Happy New Keys Day to me!

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  • Happy New Keys Day to me!

    Picked up a brand new Yamaha P255 for $300 off the regular price. I suspect there may be a successor model in the wings, but I'll take the savings. I need a spare and I was getting tired of my old stage piano.

    The P255 is sharply better than the Korg SP250 I've been using: sounds and key action are cadillac to the Korg's pontiac. There are a variety of snazzy doodad features, but keys and sound are what matter if I want to up my game a notch. Lots of woodshedding to learn the new, more nuanced, sounds and the new, high-quality-feeling key action.

    I wonder if anyone will notice.
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    Cheers Steve


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      Nice...I have always like Yamaha kbs...
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        Definitely nice kit. Some of the MIDI and record features will be useful someday. The key response is better than either of my two uprights, a midiboard and the Korg. Top drawer. My playing is immediately more nuanced and accurate than it was on the Korg and will only improve. The sounds are wonderful, but I'm not fooled into thinking it's a grand piano. Not through its own speakers anyway.

        One of my requirements was that it have an aux in. Though it's not their intent -- it's really for playing mp3s -- it should let me play pianoteq or B4 etc. through the piano's speakers. MIDI via USB to the computer, audio back in. That would be nice.

        Two dumb pedal things. It comes with a switching damper pedal. I've immediately rewarded them for that by ordering the continuous damper pedal but that's like selling a BMW with bias-ply tires on it. They also make a three-pedal unit but it's configured to only go into their fancy home/church/school stand. It adds the ability to change the leslie speed on the organ and can switch playback on and off. But you'd have to put it in a new case or something to use it onstage. These are marketing choices, of course, but they run contrary my interests.

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          "I wonder if anyone will notice."

          I doubt that any non-musician audience member will notice the sound improvement, but I guarantee they'll notice the "happier you" in your performance!


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            Very nice - congrats Pogo!

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              Good stuff. It's always great when you pick up a new piece of gear that inspires and/or makes things easier. I just picked up a new piece of gear myself, and I think I'll join the party in a new thread.

              Enjoy your new acquisition.


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                My first gig with the p255 and you never know what you'll learn. I don't use a PA: just the the keyboard's speakers and my voice. A table about halfway back asked that I turn down. The p255's speakers face forward -- away from the player -- and yes, they can be pretty loud. So I dropped the volume from about 7.5 to about 5 and, though it seemed pretty quiet to me, it sounded fine in front. MIDI recorded a song and played it back so I could check out front and adjust accordingly. Handy!
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                There is more than one way to do this. Notes Norton