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  1. "Hey, can you play this event for the exposure?" Here in Canada, exposure is something you die of.
  2. Dandy list, Phil. My own essential list is shorter (I have an ebow, but "essential"?). Whenever I'm playing guitar -- acoustic or electric -- I carry three things in my pocket that I consider essential: a tuner, a capo, and a slide. Most players just need the first two.
  3. Gananoque, Ontario, Canada.
  4. [QUOTE=Phil O'Keefe;n32533188] Which song(s) are you concerned about? I listened to a couple, and I thought they sounded pretty good. And there's always the question of "when's it finished?" After something's already been released, I'm less interested in re-doing it, and more interested in working on whatever the follow-up is going to be. YMMV. [/QUOTE] Thank you, Phil. That may be a signal for me to relax. It's true that I've written more songs, maybe a half-dozen, since then. Maybe I should do a "greatest hits" before I retire.
  5. I recorded a CD in 2013 and have sold them all. I'll have a chance to remix etc. before I have another batch made. For one thing, nineteen songs is too many and I think it should be cut back to twelve songs. But I'm most curious about the mix and (probably the weakest part) the mastering. Here's a sampling from spotify [URL]https://open.spotify.com/album/4aQyFVXSC5PQZH4aJaWbJX[/URL] I can suggest a couple of songs to focus on if you'd like. I probably can't erase the budgie chirping on some tracks, but I'm okay with that.
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