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  1. I'm doing okay, actually. I found https://lowendmac.com/ and am, somewhat grumpily, using Chrome. Opens *almost* any web page. The two big barriers for me upgrading are 1) the time spent upgrading and re-learning everything and 2) losing the ability to open and work with an awful lot of my digital history. My current system works with *almost* anything back into the 90s. Apple dropped that legacy support in the following system and I'd lose all that. I have two or three more of these macs in the cellar for parts.
  2. And yet… https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/snowbirds-seniors-travel-advisory-canada-u-s-border-covid-19-1.5799456
  3. The poster was so sweet I had to learn to sing it. It's fluff but such sweet fluff. Here's my favourite version:
  4. I have been playing a weekly Sunday afternoon gig that I love doing. On Friday I wrote the manager and bowed out for the next while. Covid rates are rising, our provincial government is placing the health of businesses over the health of citizens and I no longer feel safe in a bar -- too much pressure to let things slide. The manager, as always, has been great about it -- she understands. But I'll sure miss it. Went to another pub to watch a friend last night. The (tiny) place was packed. I don't know if they were within allowed limits, but I sure didn't feel safe to go in. So I turned ar
  5. I've been there. Nineteen years ago about, I directed a canoeing course in Fort Pierce hosted by Becky and Mark Molina. One evening we went there. Cool place. Best memory of the trip was paddling on their little lake and seeing a space shuttle taking off at Cape Canaveral.
  6. I live in Gananoque, which is a Canadian tourist town (once manufacturing but no more) on the St. Lawrence river about ten minutes from a bridge to the USA. Having lost all our Asian and European tourists, we lost the Americans. But you won't find many people shouting to "open the border." Even as businesses go under and people become dependent on government support, we want *nothing* to do with what's going on south of us.
  7. "Hey, can you play this event for the exposure?" Here in Canada, exposure is something you die of.
  8. Dandy list, Phil. My own essential list is shorter (I have an ebow, but "essential"?). Whenever I'm playing guitar -- acoustic or electric -- I carry three things in my pocket that I consider essential: a tuner, a capo, and a slide. Most players just need the first two.
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