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Have you ever totaled your $$ in gear?


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    Epiphone LP custom (gift from grandma) 600
    Ibanez IC400 with new case 400
    Jackson KV2 BGF 1700

    Marshall MG50 100
    Peavy 6505+ 1200
    marshall 1960b cab 600



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      ****************. Counting everything including little footboards and effects **************** its like $7000 in money that I actually spent. I thought that I had done a hell of a lot better than that considering not one item was bought at full retail price.

      I'm a little depressed now.
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        I have a lot of money invested in my gear.
        I've been lucky to have purchased my vintage stuff when it was still at a reasonable cost. Also, some of my vintage gear was bought new when prices weren't as high as they are today.
        My stuff is equal in value to a decent 401k retirement account.
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          money that I actually spent. I thought that I had done a hell of a lot better than that considering not one item was bought at full retail price.

          That's the same way it hit me, I thought I had done so much better.
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            BluesHawk, I recently started keeping a spreadsheet. I felt the same way you did when you saw the total $ amount, which was !!!!

            Needless to say, I really feel I should sell more stuff and just enjoy what I have rather than GASSING all of the time.

            Even before I did a tally of the total, I was starting to feel like maybe I just had too much of this stuff and should start selling some of it, but I've changed my mind on that.
            With the exception of a couple items, I've already sold everything I felt I wanted to sell off for whatever reason. Now I feel I really only need to stop gassin' and just enjoy what I got, which I'll have more time to do if I stop lookng at deals and and then having to post stuff to sell, and packing it up, etc.
            Not music, but as a pet lover, I really like what this Old Country Vet has to say;


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              It was really dead at work last night, so I made a list of my guitars and amps and how much each cost me (maybe not exact as I was going from memory, but probably all within 5. or 10.).
              When I added them up I was a bit shocked....I never came close to realizing how much I had spent in gear.

              I have 37 guitars, and of those I only bought 17 new, ranging from 100. to 450. - and the rest are all used ranging from 100. to 400.
              I figured since for the most part, I've been a good shopper, got good deals, I maybe at the MOST, had about 3000. in guitars and amps.
              It came up to just shy of 7000. in guitars and almost another 2000. in amps.
              Now I know there are many here who have less guitars & amps of the VERY expensive variety, (not to mention those who have as many or more of the higher-priced gear) that will make my total look like peanuts, but I was still surprised.

              And nowhere figured into that are cases, gig bags, tuners, pedals, strings, cables, and numerous other accessories, or my two project guitars and the parts for those or parts for modding other guitars, etc., etc. - think I'm glad I can't begin to factor in that stuff.

              I'm sure there are some who have kept a detailed accounting, but for those like myself who haven't, anyone else ever just sat down and figured it up one day how much they've spent on gear currently owned and come away just as surprised?

              I'm not sure, but I think this could help curb my GAS a bit.

              You're looking at this all wrong. As long as you buy used/smart, it's just another method of asset allocation. At least that's what I tell the wife .
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                Well, let's see.

                Currently about $8,800 in guitars with $250 being the cheapest and $3k the most expensive

                $550 in amps, which is hilariously disproportioned to the amount spent on guitars

                $400 or so in effects

                8 or 9 hardshell cases, who knows what they cost? the Fender tweed and the Gretsch cases were pricey, though

                This isn't very fun. I would have guessed $8k for everything total.

                e: forgot recording equipment. 3 mics, stands, software, audio interfaces. Ugh.


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                  My gear list is pretty extensive. I am not including the studio furniture, computers or any photography equipment in my total - just strictly guitars/amps/drums/recording equipment, etc. I actually spent far less than I could have, thanks to in part by the great HCEG community and their selfless sharing of hot deals.

                  With that in mind, I did a brief calculation and came up with about $14k in gear. This is about what I actually paid vs what they should have cost at normal street price. If it were not for my frugal nature I'm sure I would have easily overpaid by at least another $3-4k on top of that.

                  I was lucky and bought much of my gear at or below dealer cost (for instance, the highway 1 tele @ $389, jackson DK2M @ $283 and the fernandes dragonfly deluxe @ $299, peavey USA wolfgang standard @ $469). I guess I have been in the right place at the right time for many of my gear purchases.

                  It certainly adds up, don't it? But the good news is if you buy at a really good price, if/when it comes time to sell it you're not taking a big loss, if at all. I can think of only a few things that I own that I paid anything close to retail prices. Notably my 2 strats - bought those when I was considerably younger and more foolish with my money. But I still love them so its all good.

                  I'd also like to give props out to a company which has always done right by me. RMC Audio (rmcaudio.com) has always given me excellent service and pricing. They used to be called riksmusic.com but changed name a few years back. I highly recommend them so consider having them quote for your next upcoming gear purchase. They don't stock everything but they carry lots of nice stuff.
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                    RGT220H - $2350
                    RGT320Q - $2185
                    Nashville Telecaster $970
                    S470 - $855
                    JS30DK - $365
                    DiMarzio DP100 - $125
                    DiMarzio DP104 - $90
                    AX120 - $200
                    Total for Guitars/pickups : $7140

                    Vox AD30VTXL - $365
                    Marshall AV50TH - $225
                    Marshall MG412A - $340
                    Line6 SpiderII 15 - $225
                    Total for Amps : $1155

                    Dunlop Crybaby - $135
                    MXR D+ - $90
                    Boss ML-2 - $125
                    Boss HM-2 - $55
                    Boss HF-2 - $60
                    Boss SD-1 - $55
                    Boss CE-5 - $125
                    Boss AC-3 - $125
                    Behringer TU300 - $45
                    Behringer NS100 - $40
                    Behringer DD400 - $55
                    Zoom 505II - $105
                    Effects Total : $1015

                    Grand Total: $9310
                    And that's just the stuff I currently own, not to mention stuff I've had over the years...
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                      Looking like 800 or so. Plus effects.
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                        R9 - 3850
                        R7 - 2800
                        Slash Custom - 3500
                        81 Silverburst - 2500
                        05 Deluxe - 1600
                        JCM SLASH & 1960A Cab - 2000+800


                        17k i guess.
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                          The figure I gave the insurance company as replacement value was $25,000, and that's not inflated to rip them off. It's a real figure.
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                            Right now: 1485.00
                            As soon as I sell one of the two guitars I'm selling: 985.00


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                              i don't want to think about that. that's my wife's job
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                                If you are a professional musician I believe it's tax deductible. So adding it all up definitely makes sense.
                                I might it a point of only owning 3 guitars and that's it. I have sold 1 guitar and two amps so far. I don't keep track but I give myself a personal budget each month, this helps in controlling my spending.

                                I probably spend about $3000-$4000 on gear combined.