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How much does it cost to ship a guitar?


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  • How much does it cost to ship a guitar?

    And how would you go about packing one without a hardshell case?
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    It depends on how far you are shipping,how fast you want it there and how much insurence you put on it. I had bought a Wolfgang on ebay 2 months ago from a guy in West Virginia for a grand. The guy tells me the guitar is a 9 out of 10 with 10 being store bought. Twice I brought this up so I win the auction get the guitar and it looked like he was taking batting practice with it. I went nuts and sent it right back to him so from Bklyn N.Y to W.V with $1,000 in insurance it was like $27.


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      I used to be able to say 25.00 and be ok. I sold someone a 175 a few months ago and it was 87.00! Depends on how far it's going and how big the box is.


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        I just shipped a strat in a Musician's Gear HSC in the box the case came in (surrounded the case with crumpled newspaper). It shipped from NH to Cali, UPS ground. 24lbs @ 65$ via UPS Store. I got soaked because of the "dimensional weight" since the box was huge.
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          Packed with a hard shell case and insurance cost me $35 to ship to Oklahoma from British Columbia, Canada.
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            Depending on the size and weight of the guitar it is usually about 40-60 dollars. Make sure it is packaged very well and go with the USPS because fedex and ups are more expensive.


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              Go to the USPS website. They have charts with cost estimates by wieght and zone (distance from you).

              As for shipping without a case, go to your local music store and get a guitar box from them... the ones guitars are shipped to them from the factory in.
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                FedEx Ground is almost always the cheapest. Last two guitars I shipped ran $12 and $14 respectively. Both went approximately half-way across the country as I live in TX and one went to the East Coast and the other the West Coast. Both were cheapies so insurance was only based on$250 for each.

                Anway all you have to do is go to any of the shipper's websites to calculate the cost for each.


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                  I went to Guitar Center for some empty boxes and double boxed a Warmoth tele I sold on Ebay. cost me with insurance $42 with USPS from Tampa to D.C.
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                    FedEx Ground is almost always the cheapest. ...

                    FedEx seems to be the cheapest for me too.
                    For shipping a guitar without a case, I line / reinforce the box with 1 1/2" styrofoam insulation and bubble wrap the guitar. The styrofoam comes in a lot of different thicknesses and is easy to find at Lowes / HD / etc. It actually figures out cheaper than all bubble wrap and adds significant crush resistance to the package.


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                      Always go to a UPS terminal instead of the UPS Store. The UPS Store is a franchise and jacks up shipping costs quite a bit.


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                        Packed with a hard shell case and insurance cost me $35 to ship to Oklahoma from British Columbia, Canada.

                        It's more going the other direction.
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                          I almost always use UPS Ground through PayPal and it generally is under $30 in the CONUS. The trick is to keep that box as small as possible, without compromising it's ability to protect. I've shipped at least 30 guitars and have never had one damaged.


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                            I just shipped a Gospel (dreadnaught) back to Gibson for some repair work in Bozeman in it's OHSC. At 24 lbs it came out to $55 through UPS. At first, though, I took it into one of their local stores and they wanted $78. I had just got off the website where I was quoted $55, so I said hell no, went back home and printed out the shipping label for $55, no sweat. Because of the declared value, I had to take it to the central facility, but it's just 5 minutes away in San Francisco so it was no sweat.

                            My suggestion to you: Do it online, and ALWAYS round up. If it's 22.7 lbs, declare it as 23, or even 24. If it's 50.25" long, declare it as 51". Much better to have to pay a dollar or so extra and not have to deal with having it returned to you.
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                              And how would you go about packing one without a hardshell case?

                              Can you be more vague? I did one last week from western MN to SC and it was about $18 thru UPS with $500 insurance.
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