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  1. http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?2717857-Post-The-Best-Thing-You-ve-Seen-On-The-Internet-Today :phil:
  2. It just sounds so good... [video=youtube;AZH4dRLZ20A]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZH4dRLZ20A
  3. Today we learned "Are You Strumming?" Are you strumming? Are you strumming? Yes I am. Yes I am. I am a guitarist. I am a guitarist. Watch me jam. Watch me jam. I wish I could learn that.
  4. I have to compose a jingle to go along with an existing commercial. Any ideas? Was thinking something funky to go with a Jack Links sasquatch commercial
  5. Fixed gears are going out of fashion, man. There's no reason to ride one anyways other than to be in the scene. Don't buy one. I'd put aside $500 to buy a bike anyways. I think they are actually fun to drift around on and because they are so simple, not really because of the "scene".
  6. style of music? Scale preference? Wood preference? Semihollow/hollow/solidbody? Give us a direction, brah Whatever you think I should look into. Pretty baseless right now, as I have been happy with my setup for awhile. I just landed on a bit of cash, so I figured I'd use some of it for something fun for me to mess around with. That being said, I like smaller scale guitars w/ maple necks and smooth rounded contours.
  7. Or maybe a fixed speed bike... you guys are hipsters, you know alot about them. What do you recommend I look into?
  8. Preferably used, and of good quality - I know there are specific underpriced guitars out there at this price range. Please don't say Agile, Xaviere, etc... I already have a Ibanez RG550 w/ hsh, and I also already have a Ibanez Talman w/ Kent Armstrong Lipsticks. My main amps are Blues Junior, Blackheart Little Giant and a Kingston Halfstack. I like most guitars as well...
  9. I hope you realize that the rolling stone thing was just one I pulled outta my ass while I was thinking about proverbs. Obviously not something like that. I am trying to think of something. Like I said, I'm not stupid, I am not going to immediately go and get a tattoo. Just thinking about it.
  10. for the longest time. Some kind of really thoughtful proverb somewhere where I will always know its there. Something like a rolling stone gathers no moss or...??? What do you guys think? Any ideas? It would be my first tattoo... I am not going to jump into anything just thinking out loud
  11. 1EsGwLFchRg and for some reason... this song reminds me of massive attack quite a bit. KEhSilKCfxg
  12. He has already stated that regardless, he is going to be getting his repair done at a Mercedes dealership rather than an auto body shop, which already means the cost of the repair is going to be sky high. I am not TOO concerned about my car price wise... The whole dented in part of the bumper is only ~$75.00 to replace, plus labor if I am unable to do it which I don't see why I wouldn't.
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