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  1. BeerBaron

    Dean Splittail

    I bought this guitar, mainly for a hard rocking/metal guitar. The SG and V design, put together I think is a pretty sweet body style. Great guitar for the money. Good quality. I'm not praising Dean at all. Just as a guitarist in general. It's a very ncie instrument. Unfortunatly, the Splittail is now discontinued because of the poor sales it was doing (Except for the USA line). But the idea of owning a guitar that had a limited production run. With only 10 or 15000 like it in the world. I think that's pretty cool.
  2. I honestly just wanted it for the effects to give my playing a little more melodic/dynamic feel to it. Very good match for what I traded for it. I have been playing close to 5 years. If it were stolen... I wouldn't try and find the person who stole it and beat there head/head's in with it. It would suck cause it is a pretty cool little processor. I'd maybe buy another one. But these GT 6's are getting a little dated. I'm sure there are much better ones for the money if it were stolen. My favorite feature is the Auto Riff actually. Cool little feature. It sort of gets in the way since I am pretty much a Guitar > Amp guy. I play mostly AC/DC, Judas Priest type rock, hard rock and metal.
  3. BeerBaron

    laney GH100TI

    Been playing for 5 years. Only other amp I own is a peavey valveking 1x12 and also a little crate practice amp. If it were lost or stolen.. I would buy another, just cause of the tone to dollar ratio. Awesome amp. I like the simplicity of the single channel... but I also kind of dislike it. I wish it had some sort of clean channel by itself. But then again.. it is the Tony Iommi signature amp. Made for metal. I didn't do a sound comparison on it cause no one suplies Laney in town here. But when I was making my choice for an amp... I was looking at a Hughes & Kettner Switchblade... and this Laney GH100TI. I wanted just simple amp.. for an AC/DC, judas priest type hard rock tone. So I chose the Laney and it was a good one. Though if I might add to the people reading this. The Hughes & Kettner Triamp and switchblade are both awesome amps. Great chunky tone.
  4. BeerBaron

    Zoom G1

    Mostly rock, hard rock and metal. I didn't buy it to match either of them really. I just like the sound of the Flanger and delay effect, also chorus. Been playing for almost 5 years. All my gear is listed above. I would probably buy it just for the bang for the buck reason. Good little pedal for not alot of money. No real complaints. Fav feature is Flanger Wish it had a metal case. Helps me make music yeah. Just a good pedal for the money
  5. Been playing for 5 years. I own and Epiphone SG 65 RI with maestro tremolo. ESP/LTD EC 256. If it were stolen I would buy the same one again. Possibly in a different finish.. but thats it I love just the sturdiness and solid feeling of this guitar. The neck is perfect for my hands.. I can say enough about the general good fit this guitar is for myself. Wish it had better tunes though. Fav feature is the neck . Didn't compare this to any other guitar, cause non felt as good for me.
  6. I have been playing for 3 years (this December 2008). I own an Epiphone SG 65 Reissue (still my #1) an SX strat and a Vantage acoustic. If it were lost or stolen.. I would be upset cause I like it and I go it for such a smokin deal. Favorite feature is the flame paintjob. It looks almost retro but modern at the same times. (I hate using the word modern). I prefer set neck guitars. So my only wish I would like to have would for it to have a set neck. The neck is quite thin.. which I don't mind. But it is a wide neck so.. a little thinner would have be nice. I got this guitar for $250 bucks. With a hardshell case. I can resell it in 3-4 years for 350 bucks and make 100. Good enough for me
  7. BeerBaron

    Vantage VIS-7 TBS

    I have been playing for 3 years this december. I would be upset if it was stolen, cause I know it would be hard to find another like it. Only thing that I would change about it, would be that it had another strap button.
  8. Been playing for 3/12 years. I own an Epiphone SG 65 Re issue with a Maestro Tremolo. I pretty much knew what it was and how it was gonna perform when I ordered it. I would buy one again, but I check there website and I guess it was just limited editon type SRV style strat. I love now that it stays in tune like a champ. I hate the weak pickups for when you use it on high distortion. My fav feature is the reverse tremolo on it like SRV had on his guitar. Picked it cause of the reverse tremolo really. Plus it was the nicest sunburst finish they had. Only thing I wish it had were better/hotter pickups.
  9. I play mostly hard rock and metal, but I do play the blues sometimes too. Been playing for almost 3-4 years now. If it was lost or stolen I probably wouldn't be able to find a replacement since it is a limited edition wah. I love the WOW! feature on it and the "loudness" knob since it'll give you more loudness and gain. Fav feature on this thing is that it is so big and orange! I didn't really compare it to other wah's since it is one in it's own. It's not a Crybaby or a VOX. I was contemplating on buying one of those too. But for the price I got it at $99 bucks. Couldn't pass it up. One thing that I don't really understand on it is the 1 outta 250 dealy. The serial number we shall call it.. on mine is GLW #691? I got mine from a Canadian Morley dealer.... maybe the 1 outta 250 is just for the states and the rest is for the world? If so... I guess 1 outta 700 aint bad? It's not over 1000
  10. I have been playing 2 and a half years now. I own a Epiphone SG 1965 reissue with a maestro tremolo and a Dean ML. Effect I own are a Boss DS-1, Marshall Guv'nor plus and a DID YJM308 sigbature pedal. If it were lost or stolen I would probley not buy it again. Not cause it's not a good amp, cause my first amp was a Peavey and I would liek to try out some other amps like a Mesa Nomad 45
  11. I play hard rock and metal and it goes pretty well with a wah pedal, real clean and glassy/sparkley high I can get with this pedal. I would probley buy it agian since it was so cheap and since I can get decent tone from it. only thing I wish it had was a standard 9v adaptor hole to plug into... its smaller then a the regular ones.
  12. Hard rock and metal are my style and it matches up perfectly! If it was stolen or lost I would order another one right away. For 39 bucks I dont understand why someone would steal it... must be really strapped for cash...
  13. BeerBaron

    behringer HB01

    I play Hard rock and Metal and it suits me for the time being. Been playing 2 years and I have a dean ml and epi sg If it was lost or stolen I would probley buy a diffrent one since I would like to try a Crybaby out. Not that this one is total junk and I would never buy it again. Just like to try something diffrent.
  14. I have been playing 2 years and I own a Epiphone SG, Dean ML and a 1965 Fender acoustic. If it was lost or stolen... I would probley buy something else...Not that the amp is junk, Just that I would want to try something diffrent since my last two amp have been Crate. I love the sounds I can get from it and some of the effects. only thing I dont like about it is there is no headphone jack and you need a Y cable if you wanna use an external effect.
  15. I've been play for probley 2 years now. I own a 1965 epiphone SG reissue with a Maestro Tremolo. a 1965-68 Fender Malibu Acoustic guitar. My amp is a Crate VTX212B. If it was stolen... and I found another for around 200 bucks I would probley buy it beacause there is nothing out there besides a crappy Fender Squire Strat or Tele for how much I got it for. I just love the shape of it. It's totally diffrent from everything almost everyone else is useing these days. The body threw string holder can be a bitch sometimes say for some reson you have to take it off aside from changing it. My favorite feature on it is the custom Volume/Tone knobs I made for it. I took a soildering gun and burned them to make it look like the ones off of the new Razorbacks. I didnt compare it to other guitars aside from the price I wish it had the set neck...I like the bolt on neck but yano set necks are #1 Just wanted to say that I paid $180 canadian for it and the guy whom I bought it from paid over $400 american So I got a nice deal
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