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'66 Fender P-Bass w/case Score !!!

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  • '66 Fender P-Bass w/case Score !!!

    Another Pawnshop score. Picked up a '66 P-Bass w/ original case for less than $150.This baby is light compared to my two other 79's.

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    <IMG SRC=http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d7/Texsunburst59/100_0133.jpg><br />
    <IMG SRC=http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d7/Texsunburst59/100_0332.jpg><br />
    <IMG SRC=http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d7/Texsunburst59/guitars2.jpg></div>

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    Nice job! I love it when pawn shops don't know what they have. Again, the urge to go pawn shopping is rising...

    EDIT: I like the crazing in the finish. That's real relicing, hehe.
    EDIT 2: Did it come with the bridge and P/U covers or were they left out?
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      I think it is morally wrong of you to take that guitar for that price.

      Your only reprieve is to send it to me.

      Only then can you free yourself of the crippling guilt your poor soul must be struggling with over this.

      I'll pm you my shipping info.

      I'm here to help.

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        Deal of a lifetime!

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            Wow. How's she play??


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              Holy ****************. Do you know what that thing is worth? I am sure you do. There is a '62 in a shop near me going for 12k and it doesn't look as good as that one.
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                Great score!
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                  that is amazing~ you are my hero! enjoy that bass, man- that's the score of the year.
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                    Holy crap; that **************** would never happen around these parts; nice score!!! : )
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                      Holy crap. Good for you man! This is amazing considering anyone who takes a tiny bit of time can value this thing at ten times that.
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                        How did the owner not realize its value, and how would a pawn shop not do 10 seconds of research to find the value between an entry level MIM and a vintage bass? $150? Did they think it was a re-logo'd fake? If they even thought it was a cheap MIM, they would have priced it at $350. How does a pawn shop stay in business not knowing the value of the stuff they sell?
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                          **************** son!
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                            Holy crap! Another one??

                            I thought I got a good deal when I got my MiM Strat for under 150...this is insane!

                            Congrats by the way!
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                              In this day and age I don't see how such a score is possible. oke:
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