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  1. this is so weirdly cool it makes me want to learn to make pedals
  2. Originally Posted by HungPhat his voice sounds kinda beatley to me
  3. there will be a moogerfooger inside each tier of the cake, right?
  4. here's a google images pic that is not brown, that is burgundy/maroon. what were you thinking OP
  5. oh, i also really like the Spitvalve Horn Fuzz
  6. Really tempted to try out a pixel fix. How long is the shipping list for that one? when would I get it? I'd hate to get it while out of town and slow everyone down.
  7. this is so bizarre and incredibly cool
  8. I nominate jjpistols, for giving away that guitar that one time to the guy who needed one
  9. Wonder what I'm gonna get for dinner. Oh hey, an invite! Well that looks... $40? ahhhhh, fine. at least we can all be extremely photogenic together while walking in slow motion. Let's go! but wait, it's day time. that won't do... MY BIB OF DARKNESS HAS ALLOWED US TO ENJOY NIGHTLIFE WITHIN MINUTES. I guess we're taking photos now... OH GOODNESS THAT IS AN UNREASONABLY BRIGHT LIGHT WHY WOULD YOU USE FLASH INDOORS DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU'VE DONE NOW, THE PHOTO IS HORRIBLY EXPOSED, MY CORNEAS ARE ON FIRE oh you jokester, now the rest of us cannot sit! please move aside, friend! . our dessert is a fire hazard as well as a sweet chocolate confection? tonight was a success! A hearty laugh! My friend's hand is nearly on fire! Pyromania is awesome! more photos? well okay then - CHRIST MY PUPILS ARE IN SUCH AGONY I SHOULDVE STAYED HOME
  10. Here's a few of mine. Silvertone 1448 (with added Supro lapsteel pickup): Framus acoustic (I think it's from the 60s) that I converted to a thinline electric: Harmony Stella parlor acoustic: The beat up Danelectro Convertible: The Silvertone 1475 with P90s (my pseudo-gretsch/casino hybrid): The $3 Airline Town and Country that Convertible has reached critical mass of mojo
  11. Love these old Yamahas Old yamahas are the awesome, I wonder where I could pick up one of those yellow ones.
  12. I have a blue sparkle one and it is good. but Blakemore, get in here and talk about your supersonic if you havent sold it yet. here's a pic of his.
  13. I love getting new stuff at used prices. HNGD
  14. sell the CS get one tele one TV Save the rest of the money for later
  15. kekeke fufufu bwahaha heh heh heh nothing else will suffice
  16. I got one of those in a trade one time. I could not flip it fast enough. If Phil is right, I'm not sure what the context is for that pedal. comedy
  17. when you give him the money back, send the message "here's your refund for the Polychorus" this is the only logical course of action and anything else would be wasteful
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