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  1. I didn't go completely scientific bc the app is just a phone app. The phone isn't exactly designed to be a db meter. Not sure what kind of conpression takes place within the phone's hardware. I did choose the best free app I could find from reviews. I downloaded a different one that read 90db from just my voice, instead of 70. I placed the phone approx 1m from the speaker. I didn't actually measure, but "more than 2' and less than 4' ". Db was peak readings however the sound was so compressed that the db didn't fluctuate - ie, no dynamics at that gain level. Initially I wanted to leep the db meter in view the whole time, but that would put the mic facing the carpet instead of the amp. Test was done in my walk in closet - with clothes on 3 sides. Its the quietest, most sound absorbing room in the house. Also used bc it would disturb the neighbors the least too. Not saying 107db is the amp's limit - just saying on that app, that's what it read, and that with the amp at half volume it was only a couple db more quiet. That said, remember the formula for db - and how much more power it takes to get a 3db gain. The amp gained 5db from the "just breaking up" volume to "full tilt". If anyone has a real db meter device that they want to send me, I'll happily measure out 1m, and try various amps to compare their volumes.
  2. I gotta say - getting old sucks. Arthritis is no fun - fingers can't move like they used to. Red Strat was not set up for classical style - power chords, sure, but not clean finger picking. I've got more excuses - the out takes were funny bc I'd plain forget what part came next (as it was I severely shortened the song and probably left out some parts completely). The Bandmaster is my favorite amp. I "treat" myself when my fingers are up to it, otherwise my Blues Deville is my "still pretty darn good" amp I use. The whammy bar bit was a result of too much redbull.
  3. I used hearing protection when I recorded the video - as I already have ear damage. Yeah, past 10 o'clock it didn't get much louder but the gain really came alive at full tilt. Overpowered the iphone mic, and I've had that iphone recording front row at concerts, so thats saying something.
  4. Ok - probably 10 years late, but I cranked my Marshall Class 5 amp wide open with a decibel meter (app) to see how loud 5 watts can actually be. Turns out, "deafening".
  5. I did a parody video though I think the parody part was a bit too subtle? Anyhow, Five Guitars, one song, no talent used. Feel free to give it a thumbs down and bad comments - I'm actually very curious to ser how many bad comments I can get!
  6. So I finally got around to buying all the cables I needed to wire up my pedalboard. Now I can actually USE all those nice boxes and not just one or two at a time on the floor. Came out pretty good - happy with the results. Decided to shoot a video showing the basic steps and things soneone will need to do their own board. Enjoy!
  7. I'll give you another reason: it was my friend's guitar, and he suggested I do an "unboxing" video. I switched out the guitar for a beater, and shot the video. My friend got a kick out of it. Once the box was open he could see it wasn't his guitar, so I let the suspense build for a few seconds after it fell before I revealed the inside giveaway. Don't worry - I'm not quitting my day job! btw - search youtube for "unboxing" - people get 100,000 views for just taking very ordinary stuff out of their packages. I don't get it! Also a trend - "shopping trips". Girls will post a video of what they bought at the mall that day??? Boggles the mind. Shoot, some people post 5 minutes of online gaming with them making inside jokes and it gets 3 million views in the first day?!!! (search Vanoss Gaming for example). Youtube is full of worthless stuff!
  8. A bit too excited opening new guitar... be careful out there!!
  9. Ok ok - I didn't actually BUY a PRS Dragon III - I just rented one for the day for $1,000 to shoot the video. It was worth it though - what a guitar! Just turned it back in. Will be watching the video tonight, but I'm sure it came out great.
  10. Just received my dream guitar - PRS Dragon III! I had to sacrifice a bunch to acquire this guitar, but its SO worth it. Will be playing this every day. Check out my review: http://youtu.be/llBbzMYEN_Q
  11. Ok - I've gotten 3 request to play it clean, so I'll shoot another video over the weekend through one of my Fender amps (Deville or Bandmaster?), and update this thread. But I will make you guys pay for doing a second video (you'll see!).
  12. The Paul Gilbert special... This thing is really cool, and surprisingly light. Pickups sound phenominal. Very happy. Check my review:
  13. Black spray paint over tweed. Now I love black tweed, but this... uh... Reminds me of Oly White over Sunburst. When you wear down the top color, the original color comes through. So its dinged up and you get yellow tweed. It's a cool case - mojo. Pink interior kinda screams Gibson, but the rest is classic Fender.
  14. These will go quick once the new Squier Jaguars come out later this month! If you haven't sold these pickups by then, drop me a PM and I'll take them!
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