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Post your PRS SE's

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  • #46
    Anyone had a chance to play the new Navarro SE? Sweetwater has them for $499, in either white or black...ebony fretboard also...

    Duly noted.
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        SE Singlecut with Floyd Rose

        Damn, I loved this one, one of THE best modded guits I've ever seen, turned a decent guitar into an extraordinary one
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            The Santana I currently own and then ones that have come and gone. I found that I really cant get along with those wraparound bridges both because of intonation issues and because my hand feels weird resting against them. The Singlecut was sold to fund a Boogie. Great axe though!

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            Here's my SE Soapbar....
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            <div class="message">I had this dream last night (seriously I did) about Ed and we were hanging out and he said the key to his tone back then was the Schlitz Malt Liquor.</div>

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              Damn, I loved this one, one of THE best modded guits I've ever seen, turned a decent guitar into an extraordinary one

              Thank you sir!
              I wish I'd never sold that one. It did turn out very nice.
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                I build my own Tube Amplifiers with my dad (an old school Tube HAM Radio guy).  I built an AX 84 'California Dreamer' (basically a 1962 Fender Deluxe Reverb... push-pull) and an AX 84 "High Octane" with an EL-34.  I've long sought a solid body that would really exploit the unbelievable sound of my Amplifiers. Finally I made my decision!

                In a few hours, I'll use the online coupon codes from either S@m @sh or G#it#rCenter to get me the first Solid Body I've owned since I gave my beloved Ibanez SC420 to my brother.  The PRS-ish scale length on the Ibanez always felt fantastic.

                SOOOOO, I'm getting me the PRS SE Mikael Akerfeldt Electric Guitar Tortoise Shell.  I kinda dig the "O".  I'll always explain that as meaning 'Orgasm' to the curious.  Any comments on this choice?

                They'll likely not have one in stock.  If so (and it's NOT a demo), I'll post pics later. 

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                • cincypiper
                  cincypiper commented
                  Editing a comment

                  My order is in!  They actually had a demo on the wall.  It's way more guitar than I had ever expected.  Not prohibitively heavy, incredible neck with a satin finish on the back, impeccable setup, set neck, and far more acoustically resonant than I ever expected.  I love the scale length and the string spacing.  There is a 'belley cut' on the bound body, not that I need one, but it does make for more comfort for those long woodshed sessions.  I may think otherwise after I play it for awhile at home, but the only two things I think I'd change would be to somehow get the humbuckers coil tapped, and throw 11's on there instead of 10's. 


                  Pics will be posted once it arrives.