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  1. Actually may not be bad, caveat of not having seen one in person, yet. It does, however, look like there is some hi-gloss reflection from the finish that is washing out the color a bit in both photos.
  2. Since I rarely check in, I'm glad I did today and saw the thread title. Nice to see some old-timers have found their way back - especially Minitruth. Maybe I'll check in more often
  3. booooooo...er, I mean yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy...
  4. Oh, my!!! If that was mine, I would stop right now, and give you a hug. SWEET!!!!!!!!!
  5. I have one and it's a fantastic amp. Cleans are very Fendery, and the built-in boost adds quite a bit soncially - even before kicking in the TS circuit. I haven't changed tubes, yet, FWIW.
  6. Logged in for the first time in forever just to say how beatiful that is, and what a great story behing it as well. Very nice as always, Freeman!
  7. FWIW, the newer Brian May brand ones do NOT have the Burns Tri-sonics like the models from a few years back; instead the come with "Brian May" pickups, which IMO are MUCH less desirable. Having had both the earlier and later versions, I can say for sure that while they are both solid guitars, the newer ones just don't have the same tonal variation with the non-Tri-Sonics...YMMV
  8. Old news. Behringer actually ended the relationship exactly because of the lack of prompt payment by GCI, but this was before Bain sold the company. For the time being, GCi is on better financial footing than they have been in awhile, so maybe Behringer will be around down the road. AMS is not part of the GC/MF/M123/WWBW group; they are a separate company altogether that includes zZounds and Same Day Music.
  9. I tried to attach the photo to the above post, but GAWD this site is still awful...grrr....
  10. The Samick Greg Bennett Royales have a nice oversized singlecut shape, plus they are good guitars. Can get the higher-end versions for around 500-600 bucks; maybe less on eBay.
  11. I believe the Robellis of that era that were MIK were made by Samick, so the quality is there in spades. The Ibanez Artstars were made in the same factory as well. I currently have a Samick Artist series 650 335 copy from that era that is killer that I will be putting on the block soon.
  12. koiwoi wrote: I understand, but I'd be surprised if MF isn't insulated from the GC debt and would be surprised if they didn't get a big revenue boost if GC shut their doors. From the WSJ article: Guitar Center reported a net loss of $398.7 million in the quarter ended Sept. 30, compared with a $25.7 million loss a year earlier. By Sept. 30, its cash had fallen to $26 million. Results have been declining in Guitar Center Internet business.Net sales from Guitar Center's "direct response segment," which includes websites and catalogs, dropped 5.9% to $198.9 million for the nine months through September. Doesn't appear that they are separate entities from that sentence.
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