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  1. very sorry for your loss . R.I.P. pups
  2. not at all , off-stage a Marshall with a Palmer PDI , pros do it already
  3. I'm no expert but the diamond seems too small
  4. Warmoth Soloist body , minty , Sold
  5. he's no hack and the band gets serious props for standing with him through all that .
  6. Get his address. I live in the area, and will be more than happy to visit this person and collect. It would be my pleasure. Thanks Hardvalve , check out the thread going by the man who was ripped off. http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?2833653-Bought-gear-from-someone-here-still-nothing-after-10-weeks(!)...what-can-I-do
  7. Sold but not yet shipped to the buyer dreamspace , going on 10 weeks now . What the {censored} are you doing ? Unacceptable !!!!!
  8. That is just so fukin EWWWWWWW! no it's ewwwwwwwweow
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