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  • 1. Naylor Superdrive 60
    2. Bogner XTC 101B / Roccaforte modded Naylor (tied)
    3. Diezel VH4S / VHT Ultra-Lead (tie)
    4. Orange AD140 Twin Channel
    5. Diezel Herbert MK2.5
    6. Voodoo Hex Modded Marshall
    7. Mesa Mark IV
    8. Mesa Triple Rectifier
    9. Mesa T-Verb
    10. Mesa Dual Rectifier
    11. Bogner
    Amps: CAA OD100 Classic Plus, Bogner XTC 101B, Naylor Superdrive 60, Marshall JCM 800 2203, Racksystems Naked Amp, Mesa Mark IV, Mesa Mark III Blue Stripe, Mesa T-verb Head, Peavey 6505, Peavey XXX, Fender Twin Reverb, Fargen Olde 800 and an Epiphone Valve Jr. Head


    • Originally posted by LnTh

      Wow... Your taste must be really different than the most here. I still like your top amps though.
      I know alot of guys like them and its cool....they didnt work for me though...kinda spoiled I guess

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      • 1. Mesa Mark III
        2. Peavey Ultra 60
        3. Randall RH 100
        4. Crate Blue Voodoo
        5. Marshall VS100 1x12
        6. Fender 15 watt ss amp
        Gibson SG Faded (EMG's)
        Mesa Boogie Mark III (red stripe)
        Peavey Ultra 60
        Peavey 4x12
        Sonic 4x12
        Boss Tu-2

        FOR SALE: TWO EVM 12's


        • 1. 5150 EVH mk1 (kt-66 tubes, no mods)
          2. Mesa 2 channel Dual Rec (on loan for a tour)
          3. Mesa Mark IV (loan for a longer tour)
          4. Peavey Classic 50 head
          5. Marshall JCM 900 (no reverb)
          6. Marshall 8100
          7. Sunn Concert Lead full stack (1st amp)
          8. Jackson 50 watt head


          • JCM800 ( purchased new early-mid 80's sold recently)

            Mesa Triaxis 2:90 ( sold recently)

            Soldano SLO-100R (rare rackmount version)

            A bunch of others but these were my favourites. All were excellent but the Soldano works best for me.


            • Well this is harder than you might think, considering that i bought 2 of them for different reasons, so one isnt necessarily 'better' than the other.

              Id say ...

              (1) Diezel Herbert (obviously)
              (2) Mesa Rectoverb
              (3) Marshall DSL100

              Not to say that the DSL isnt very good, but it was nice to have an awsome sounding combo like the mesa that didnt melt your ears before it sounded good. For that marshall sound though, the DSL kicks all thier asses

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              • 1) Peavey classic 50 212
                2) Mesa rectoverb 50 head/cab
                3) Marshall DSL 50 head/cab
                4) Crate BV Head/cab

                If i could go back in time with any amps i have had...i would still get the classic 50!!

                I SOLD IT ALL!!!!


                • 1. '84 JCM00 2204 Voodoo tranny, fx loop, cap job (still have)
                  2. Mark IV (still have)
                  3. TSL 60
                  4. DSL 100 (only had for a short time)
                  5. JCM800 2205 - later model after bleed through fixed

                  Those bottom three could easily have changed order based on when I had what. I'm not even going into the first couple practice amps I had...
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                  • I botched together my top 10:

                    1. Diezel VH4 head *
                    2. Soldano HR50XL (red snakeskin)
                    3. Marshall JMP Super Bass 1992 (circa '73) *
                    4. Mesa Engineering dual Rectifier Solo Head (early 90's chrome chassis, black plate) *
                    5. Diezel-JMP - Diezel Modified '79 Marshall JMP 2203
                    6. Vox AC30 (JMI 1963) *
                    7. VHT 100CL head
                    8. Orange OR120 Graphic (circa '70-72 plexi front) *
                    9. Fender Blackface Bassman head (circa '67)
                    10. Mesa Boogie MKIII Head


                    • 1983 Suhr modded Marshall 2203
                      1981 Marshall 2204
                      Splawn Pro-Mod
                      VHT Pittbull One Hundred
                      VHT Pittbull Ultra-Lead

                      Worst Amp:
                      One of those Lee Jackson designed Ampeg hunks of ****************.


                      • This thread would confuse the **************** out of a would be amp buyer. One guy loves "x" high dollar amp and the next rates it 5 notches below some low dollar "POS".


                        • 1. ENGL 530/Peavey Classic 60/60 preamp/poweramp combo
                          2. Crate GFX-120 (:O)
                          3. Randall RH100 (NON-G2 Series)
                          4. Really old Fender Frontman 15

                          Yeah I'm not that much into my gearwhoring yet :P
                          Ran Invader Custom (SD JB/Jazz)
                          Dean 79 Z (Stock)
                          Samick Malibu Strat (new pots/tuners, Dimarzio Pro Track/SD Hot Rails/Dimarzio Fast Track 2)

                          Engl Thunder 50 Head
                          Randall 4x12


                          • 1) Diezel VH4 (still use)
                            2) Marshall DSL100 head (still use)
                            3) Marshall JCM 900 mkIII 50 w 1 ch. head
                            4) Marshall JCM 900 2 ch. 100w. head
                            5) Marshall 9200 monobloc/Digitech pre
                            6) Marshall Valvestate 100 w head
                            7) Marshall Valvestate 8080 Combo

                            I also owned a Fender twin but i wouldn't know where to put it on the list because it's a completely different sound.
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                            • Originally posted by ohjimmy
                              This thread would confuse the **************** out of a would be amp buyer. One guy loves "x" high dollar amp and the next rates it 5 notches below some low dollar "POS".

                              The longer you play and the longer you try out amps you realize that $$$$ don't necessarily amount to better tone. Once you get to a certain point the quality doesn't necessarily get better you just get different tones. I have played $600 amps I love and $2000 amps I didn't, it's all about your taste in tone.
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                              • Hmm, I noticed all the Engl Blackmore owners placed that amp at number 1! What a coincidence!