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  1. 2 channel high-gainers.. Although I know he doesn't like the Triple X (sorry) S'okay, I was wanting a DSL anyways, but worth a shot
  2. What other amps would he consider for trade?
  3. As per the topic, I have a fairly clean Triple XXX I'd like to trade (possibly with cash) for a Marshall DSL. 50 or 100, doesn't matter, must be in good shape. Peavey has brand new JJ 12ax7/KT77 set (literally about 5 hours on them, if that), also includes Ruby 6L6's and Sovtek 12ax7's. No footswitch. Please note I'm located in Canada which may add a little bit in shipping charges for out-of-country trades.
  4. Hi there, I normally post in the amp and guitar forums but my nephew just got his first guitar for Christmas and will be taking some lessons at the nearby school. I was fooling around on his new Strat copy to see how it played and he asked me if I could teach him something. He's only 10, so I don't know how easy some of the stuff I normally play would be for him. Any suggestions on some basic rock songs I could use to introduce him a little? Something that would build up hand strength without straining would be nice. Also, are there any good websites that I can print off lessons/excersizes for him to try?
  5. Originally posted by Philphine i think you should get the pink one and put in the hottest pup available, pull it out for the hardest song you play, warn the audience in your best british accent to "look out, 'cause it's got a mean streak a mile wide", and tear into the song like your fighting a wild beast. I was going to say "throw a white EMG in there". Great for Slayer covers and vintage Metallica. Even in country or light rock bands - it's a must-do.
  6. Originally posted by LedZep77 Triple XXX? Is that a XXX XXX XXX? Yes... or 9X
  7. Originally posted by 4nkam dirty fx loop jacks? MJ Lucky sonofabitch! Bang on! I'm rocking nicely now Thanks much for the tip!
  8. So I hook it up to my 1960, 4ohm to 4ohm. Cab set to mono. Effects send and return are set at noon. Power on, light comes on. Power tubes glow a soft orange. Take it off standby, I hear a faint hiss of amp through speaker. Clean channel, everything at noon. Master set at 9:00. Nothing. Fooled around for a bit, used settings powerful enough to flatten my house. Not a whimper. Just a slight hiss. I'm going to go check fuses, then try guitar -> outboard preamp -> effects return to see if I get anywhere. Any other ideas?
  9. 4 doors aren't very metal... But you got pretty much everything else except a pair of passed out groupies in your bed...
  10. Yeah, I haven't really taken my axe for a good rip, I made an appointment for a complete setup (with full cleaning) on Monday and restringing and then I'm going to go talk to the instructor. He comes highly recommended for blues and rock. The breakdown is two half hour lessons a week (Monday and Thursday) for 6 weeks with a manageable and realistic (1 hour a day usually) practise schedule. There's apparently a playtest at the end and if you suck he won't take you as a regular student? But they said it's easy if you just follow along and ask lots of questions when you're not sure, mostly on the theory portions but a little to see how your dexterity is developing. It's an introductory offer before you go into a regular lesson schedule. Sounds like a good deal, though.
  11. Ok here's the scoop, I've been playing for a few years but developed real slowly because real life got in the way too often. But now I have the chance to take some lessons. I'm beyond beginner level and a local instructor gave me a few pieces to play which I didn't have much problems with, he says I could do the intermediate class if I practised for a few weeks before starting (just to clean up my sloppy technique!). But I've never taken lessons, I've never had the benefit to learn from a real great instuctor. I've never learned theory or practise routines. But now my girlfriend is going back to school during the evenings and I have Mondays off, so I've been thinking now would be a good time to think about doing what I should have done a long time ago and take honest to goodness beginner level guitar and learn the real way. I mean, I have this SA160 that I bought last year to have something OK to play, and it barely has any scratches in it! I've never needed to change the strings! And an AVT20 that's never been past 2. What's that about? So what do you think? If you had a hundred bucks for a dozen lessons (good price?) and time to do it, would you?
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