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  1. Hi guys. Looking for a Delay pedal. So what's the verdict of the CC now since we're a few months into the release.
  2. No more G-Flex? I remember you posted a thread about shattering glass with it and the GH50L....like 3 years ago or something. No. That was actually 5 years ago. Wow, it's been that long. I sold a lot of my effects around 2006. Got heavily involved with Home Theater, and sold a ton of stuff. I hardly play guitar anymore.
  3. Can someone recomend a fairly cheap ($100 or so) multi FX pedal that incorporates a delay, reverb and chorus effect? I don't play much anymore and this is strictly for noodling around in my apartment at low volume. Doesn't have to be the greatest sounding either. I just want to throw it into the effects loop of my Mesa and leave it there. Edit: Forgot to add, looking for the ones with the Expression foot pedal as well for wah and other effects.
  5. I love this clip. I listen to a lot of trance and I was wondering what I'd need to get a decent sound. I can identify the delay and some type of phaser, but anything else?
  6. I was checking Dunlop's site and noticed they now have a switchless wah called the 95q. How is this? I tried searching the forum, but the retarded search function that need more than 4 letters is useless!
  7. Hi guys, not much of an effect guy. My 13 year old crybaby just died. Rather than get it fixed, I'd like to get a new Wah that is switchless and is true bypass. I'm looking for something in the $100-$120 range. Any ringers?
  8. Because my Mesa doesn't do chorus or delay. Reverb is possible by bringing down the foundation. I'm not asking for a distortion pedal.
  9. Hi guys. I'm a basement strummer. Done with gigs. I'm looking for an inexpensive pedal that can do Chorus, Delay, reverb through my Mesa Rectifier's effects loop. What would you guys recommend? Under $150 please.
  10. Sorry, as good as Jerry is, he's a backup vocalist at best. He can't lead. Their best bet would be to start fresh with a new singer.
  11. Originally posted by Slar211 Is the JCM800 really that highly-regarded? I've always found it to be a little muddy and not having enough highs but that's just my preference. "Muddy" and "lacking high end" are terms unfamiliar to JCM 800s. Maybe you tried an amp with dying tubes. They are some of the most unforgiving amps in terms of clarity and the high end can take your head off (too much IMO).
  12. I'm not a pedal guy but I tried one the other day and liked it. I used it as a boost on an overdriven Jcm 800 and liked it and that will be its only application. I liked the boost mode that worked nice for that extra kick on solos. Anyways, I'm not a peda(l)phile, so I'm not gonna spend $200-something dollars for a pedal. Is there anything that is similar in sound and features at a lower price?
  13. I was floored when I saw the pics of these pedals since I'm mainly an amp guy. I had to come here and acknowledge how cool they look.
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