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  1. Definitely seems like a {censored}ty company to work for. One question though, if they approved the e-mail, why are you spell checking it again?
  2. wow. I'm going to try and keep an open mind, I'm a huge Chris Cornell fan so I'll probably get the CD and give it a chance....but WTF?? The guy made some of my favorite music of all time. "Euphoria Morning" and "Carry On" are completely awesome in my book. "Euphoria Morning" was awesome. "Carry On" was a steaming pile of crap. It was Audioslave 2 without Audioslave. This is coming from someone's whose biggest inspiration as a singer is Cornell.
  3. I prefer the VH4 clean by a mile to the Herbert's. I just think that it can do so much more. But I think I'm rare for someone that likes metal in that I care about clean tones too.
  4. Id recommend at least 4gb of ram for recording 8 tracks at once... so a laptop that can handle 4-8gb of ram is what you should look for. I record 16 tracks at once on my MacBook pro with 2GB of RAM. You only need that much for samples.
  5. As far as sales go, I'll respect the Wii if it catches up to its main competior, the PS2. Thanks for bumping this "old" fanboi thread though. I looked up some figures online and I was surprised to see that the SNES only sold 49 million. Personally, it's a tie between those two for my favorite consoles.
  6. I did some edits in my previous post The PSP has sold about 36 million. More than Wii. The PSP has been out longer. And is getting it's ass handed to it by the DS. Either way, the Wii is almost caught up to the PSP and sold almost as many as Xbox360 and PS3. Either way, all this fanboi {censored} is getting old.
  7. Did you happen to be buying your food from a man in a trenchcoat in a dark alley who punched you in the face every time you used your teeth on his meat? Yeah, I know how it sounds but the doctor said it was common. It's called Geographic tongue. http://myhealthproductreviews.com/eating-spcy-foods.html
  8. I had to cut down on the spicy food. I got infections on my tongue from eating it practically everyday. It would be either Indian, Mexican or Thai. These days I cut down so I don't get as much heartburn.
  9. I always like Zach too. My sister told me about this the other day. I have to check it out.
  10. I gotta be honest that I'm not really a salad guy. I like to eat "real food" cause I work out. Although I do want to eat my greens too. But we recently started eating spinach salads at home with this raspberry vinagrette. We got this stuff at BJs and it rules. Now I actually don't mind eating salad. I definitely prefer spinach to lettuce.
  11. Yeah, it's damn impressive. If you're already in the market for a new phone, the $200 initial cost, plus $30/month for unlimited data is a bargain. I think so too. I have Verizon and their limited data plan is $45! So going to AT&T is a bargain.
  12. Blackberry 9000 > iPhone 3G Well, just like some people don't get the hype about the iPhone, I don't get the hype about the Blackberry. Especially, the 9000. I was shocked that RIM went up $4 when it was announced. I have a Blackberry 8330 for work and it sucks.
  13. How does your amp obsession affect your decision if you don't have an amp obsession? :poke: Ha. You got me. It should have been.. I don't have an obsession but my gear/band/etc. affected... and so on.
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