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  1. I was going to say that the biggest improvement you'll hear in a guitar tone will come from replacing those crappy pots they usually ship with. I am replacing the pots on both my LP's and Strats, so I hope your right. I am replacing the caps too while I am at it.... For tuner I have a Peterson Strobostomp 2, so that should cover my recording tuner needs.
  2. Nice score. You will be glad you got the one in the back, if that one was actually built in 2006 or 2007. The newer amps have better tubes, effects loop has been fixed (low end loss on the early amps), Tremelo speed adjusted up, Speaker leads no longer soldered on....
  3. So more info about the MS-12's here: http://www.rig-talk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=20043&hilit= I thought there were bass black shadows, not just 10" and 15" speakers, but some 12" as well.
  4. 'The Wilsons and the Leech Boys' Brian obviously was the master mind and Carl was a perfectionist. Carl was the only one who warmed up vocally for 15 minutes before every show. After a court case, Dennis Wilson was apparently not allowed within 20' of Mike Love, due to a restraining order. The ultimate slap in the face was when Dennis married Mike's daughter!! The rest of the band is a collection of talent less musicians. Jun Whatever:rolleyes: You obviously have never heard Dennis Wilson's Solo album, its great, but unfortunately out of print. The rest of the Beach Boys were responsible for the late 60's and some 70's albums and there is some good stuff on there. Clearly Carl, Dennis, Mike Love, Bruce Johnson, had talent, they just weren't out of this world like Brian Wilson....
  5. Me likey:thu: I am going to pair up a WGS Clone80 with a Celestion G12-65. Wonder how it will sound..... I am going to pair up a Celestion CL80 with a Weber 12-65 clone, it will be interesting to see if we get the same results....
  6. I am selling this guitar for a friend. Guitar is in great shape, plays well. Gator Hardshell case is included. Fret wear is low, this was my friends backup guitar and he rarely used it. $300 + shipping.
  7. The originals have a slightly more stiffer sound which is great under high volume. Cl80's are recommended/designed by Celestion for 2x12's. And I think the copies would be a little too smooth in a 2x12. The copies sound like uber broken in Cl80's with a more relaxed sound. I mixed in vintage 30 clones in a 4x12 to overcome the syrupy/dark tone of the Cl80 copies. That's good to know, it probably why I like my Celestion CL80's in my copy of marshall 1936 212:thu:
  8. yeah, i was wanting to get the 299 dollar cabinet to compliment my cabinet with the blues. wish i had jumped on it sooner. it's still not too bad a deal, but man, fifty dollars would have been nice to save. You should check out the AC30 extension cabs at Northcoast music, they are supposedly built better than the Vox AC30CC cabs, I know you can get the 212 open or closed back....
  9. blackba

    4x12" build process

    Are you copying any design or is this your own design? One thing I learned, make sure the original cab is good if you are copying it. My marshall 1922 212 cab copy sucks and so does the original.....
  10. Nice, glad I got mine when I did. At $300 it was a good deal, even if the warfdales weren't the greatest speakers. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Vox-V212-2x12-Speaker-Cabinet?sku=609500
  11. I like using them in the loop, because it just changes volume of your setup entirely, whereas using one in front of the amp is just changing the volume of your input signal, which kills your signal with the volume low, and removes treble and gain... I don't want any of that to be changed, so that's why I want it in the loop I tried my visual sound volume pedal which can be active or passive in the loop (active mode) of my orange rockerverb 50. I wish it would have worked there. I now have it out front and it works great. Maybe since I have it in active mode I don't notice it removing treble and gain much. As far as powering it, I power my other pedals, so one more is no big deal to me....
  12. I love both the originals and the copies. I think the copies are better for 4x12's and the originals are better for 2x12's. I have mad respect for the warehouse speakers. I still think that original English Celestions sound a tiny bit better but the price was incredible. Why do you think the Warehouse version work better in a 412, I am confused why you would think that:confused: The clip sounds great, BTW
  13. blackba

    small club amp

    Assuming you are willing to mic the amp about anyone will work. What type of music are you playing? For classic rock, blues, etc, a 5Watt amp like the Fender Champion 600 would work, you would probably want to bring an extension cab though. Even a little larger Fender Princeton Reverb or Deluxe Reverb would be good
  14. I really like the Beach Boys, but I am not surprised on this forum that most people don't as I am not a big metalhead like most of the folks on here. I like classic metal, but very little of the new stuff and the deathmetal leaves me flat. Hmmm, a Cannibul Corpse fan doesn't like the Beach boys, go figure.... Also that is Pet sounds, that is a dark album in general, try another one, or just give up on them. Nothing you says you have to like a certain band.
  15. blackba


    UofM fans are known for being the most arrogant and self rightious assholes on the planet. {censored} them. Notre Dame and Ohio State fans are pretty damn close....
  16. I just pulled a g12h30 out of my classic 30, it's a quality speaker, got rid of the boxy sound, but the amp lost all its ballz, especially the lowend, it sounds better in a close back imho. I'd go with the greenback. The jj's in the preamp don't work well in the preamp of the c-30 in my opinion, go search around the pv forums. I found the best combo as a tung sol in v1-eh in v2-sovtek lps in v3, and EI el84's. I would be slightly worried about blowing the greenback, as the Classic 30 is a 30Watt amp and Greenbacks are 25Watt speakers. It will probably be fine, but should be noted. Your loss of low end is one of the reasons I like running 112 combos with a closed back 112 extension cab, you get the best of both worlds.
  17. For a classic 30, go for a 16ohm G12H30 or Avatar Hellatone 30 (same speaker)
  18. What speaker do you have in the 112 and why aren't you answering my PM about G12-65's?
  19. $3k, holy cow. This looks like a '67 and would have gone for $1000. Its a great amp, but I think you got taken on the price. Not trying to rain on your parade. As long as you are happy that is all that matters. Hopefully I am missing something and totally wrong on what your amp should have sold for.... http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-Fender-Twin-Reverb-guitar-amplifier_W0QQitemZ300147793602QQihZ020QQcategoryZ10171QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  20. Fender Champion 600 Vintage Vox AC50 Mesa Studio Preamp
  21. eminence speaks are made in usa and ive been hearing great things about them They are for now, but they are going to open a factory in China soon, not sure if guitar speakers will be produced there or when it will be online....
  22. I can't wait for your review. I got a lead clone from WGS that I am going to pair up with a G12-65 in my 2x12. this ought to be interesting. Post a review when you that that CL80 clone installed. I am curious how a classic lead 80 mixes with a G12-65....
  23. blackba

    Vox vs Orange

    The digitech bad monkey works great for my AC30CC, its cheap too. Also removing the bright cap or changing the value really helps the AC15CC take pedals better from what I have heard.
  24. Bump for this: If Peavey Classic 30 is not good for what I want, so what is a good 30W tube amp for blues and which take pedals very good (especially a distortion pedal to get a metal sound) ? You can use a pedal with the Classic 30 and get some heavy sounds, but the biggest issues is getting that low end thump from an open back 112 combo voiced for blues and rock. I would check out the Valveking line from Peavey as well as the Mesa F-30 or express amps as mentioned earlier. 30Watts tube is plenty to gig with. If you are willing to mic the amp, which you should anyway, pretty much any amp will work for gigs. I am probably going to use a 5Watt Fender Champion 600 for gigs....
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