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    Originally posted by Kestral
    wtf? Only one guy in this whole thread even mentioned Diezel amps

    yeah prolly the only lucky ****************er that can afford one
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      1. Marshall Plexi
      2. Laney VH100R
      3. Marshall 1987
      4. Mesa IV
      5. Laney LH50R
      6. Bogner XTC
      7. Framus Cobra
      8. Bogner Ubershall
      9. Peavey JSX
      10. Marshall DSL
      10. Engl Thunder/Fireball/Powerball
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        Engl Screamer (now, with Bogner 212 cab on it's way)
        Engl 530 through K&K Tube 20 or Rocktron Velocity
        Rivera BM 60 with C210
        Chandler Tube Driver with Kitty Hawk poweramp
        Pod xt through Kx1200
        JCM 800
        Princeton (first 10w amp)
        one of those padded Customs

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          1: Marshall 1987 w/master volume
          2: Fender Super Reverb (blackface)
          3: Marshall JCM800 2210
          4: Koch Multitone
          5: Fender Blues Deville
          6: Marshall 6100
          7: Fender Champ 12
          8: Marshall VS30
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            1. Egnater TOL-50
            2. Marshall Jtm-45
            3. ADA MP-1 + Mesa 50/50 Poweramp
            4. Fender Twin II head
            5. Marshall Jtm-60 combo
            6. Fender M-80
            7. Peavey Rage

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              1) Bad Cat Black Cat 30r 2x12" Combo
              2) THD Flexi 50 head (damn near tie with #1 @half the price...)
              3) Thundertweak 1x12" combo, Tweed and Blackface deluxe hybrid
              4) Mesa/Boogie MkIV head
              5) Line 6 Flextone II combo (sold long ago)
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              Amps: Bad Cat Black Cat 30r / Bad Cat Trem Cat 30r / Bad Cat Hot Cat 30r / ThunderTweak Gigmaster / Ampeg VT-22 / THD Flexi-50
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                1) Engl Savage 120
                2) Engl Savage SE
                3) Brunetti 059
                4) Diezel VH4
                5) Peavey Classic 2x12

                I still own 1 and 2, whish I had kept 5 and would give 3 another try because up till today I think the one I got was a lemon compaired to what I heard in the store.
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                Originally posted by Digital Jams
                It feels like I should just hang on threads that start with "jam", that word is like an anti moron filter.

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                  orange rockerverb 50 head
                  bogner caveman head
                  egnater IE4 pre-amp
                  bogner/hafler triple giant pre-amp
                  peavey 50/50 poweramp
                  marshall 1982 2203 head
                  vintage fender bassman head
                  marshall 4x12
                  diezel 2x12


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                    OK Alrighty then:

                    First: ENGL Powerball
                    Line 6 HD-147
                    Randall RM 100
                    ENGL Fireball
                    Peavey XXX
                    Peavey 5150 blockletter
                    Peavey 5150 II
                    POD/Marshall 9200
                    Rocktron Progap/Marshall 9200
                    Mesa Mark IIB
                    Mesa Mark IIIC
                    Rivera Knucklehead II
                    Randall Cyclone
                    Worst: Voodoo Modded Peavey XXX
                    Originally Posted by Light em Up

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                      Originally posted by bass_n_drums
                      1. Marshall Plexi
                      2. Laney VH100R
                      3. Marshall 1987
                      4. Mesa IV
                      5. Laney LH50R
                      6. Bogner XTC
                      7. Framus Cobra
                      8. Bogner Ubershall
                      9. Peavey JSX
                      10. Marshall DSL
                      10. Engl Thunder/Fireball/Powerball

                      hahah that engl thing is funny ?

                      which one you buy first ? and if you really hated them then why did you buy two more engl's

                      my guess is you havent owned half of those amps

                      Why does Mesa hate Australia?


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                        Top 5 amps in stereo

                        Bogner UBer/ENGL PowerBall
                        ENGL SE(EL34)/VHT UL
                        Framus Cobra/Peavey 5150 II
                        Bogner UBer/ENGL SE(EL34)
                        Mesa Boogie Mark IV/Mesa Boogie Mark IV
                        (haven't tried UBer with Cobra yet)

                        Top 5 amps Bed Room Levels

                        ENGL SE(EL34)
                        ENGL PowerBall
                        Bogner UBer
                        Framsu Cobra
                        Mesa Boogie Mark IV

                        Top 5 amps Band Level

                        ENGL SE (EL34)
                        Marshall JCM 800 1984 5 cap with MXR Micro amp
                        Framus Cobra
                        Bogner UBer
                        Mesa Boogie Mark IV

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                        Originally Posted by FZRJunkie

                        I appreciate this thread.
                        So I am with the OP 100% and my thanks to him, and I am glad he took this macho stance, as he had to "seemingly" burst in like Bruce Campbell to get the exposure necessary to properly nuke these idiotic stigmas.

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                          best ever played -

                          tech 21 psa 1 - into a mesa boogie poweramp

                          worst ever played -

                          peavey rage folks.....

                          currently playing

                          hughes and kettner warp-t - great amp!
                          what the butt.


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                            1 peavey 5150 combo
                            2 tie between my laney aor pro tube lead 50 that i dont have anymore and the ax84 high octane i build
                            3 behringer v amp
                            4 line 6 spider
                            5 marshall mg 30
                            Ibanez Rg 620x
                            Schecter omen 6 (JB in the bridge)
                            Boss sd-1
                            morley power wah
                            Homebrew high gain 50 watt (4 gain stage pre with plate driven tone stack)
                            Homebrew 6v6 2204
                            Peavey Ultra 212
                            Marshall jcm 800 1960A cab
                            Good deals with: JmanX, xtchc1978, Rich(sold a carvin mts to his brother)


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                              Originally posted by jaymz_wylde85

                              yeah prolly the only lucky ****************er that can afford one

                              I thought you Amp Forum ****************ers were all about BREWTAL GAIN!

                              A good friend of mine just bought a Diezel. He's a producer who's done some hard rock/alternative/nu-metal albums (in fact, one of them is on Billboard right now) and I usually love his guitar sounds no matter what style of and he's recording.

                              Anyways, he just got a Diezel and he tells me he's using nothing else now. Will hear it in a couple of weeks when I go over to the studio but I'm really curious to hear it (I always thought the Mesa Boogie Triple Rect did that job well enough)

                              I noticed ENGL got a lot of mentions here, so which one is better? ENGL or Diezel?


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                                Here's my peavey dominant list:

                                1. 5150
                                2. Peavey Classic 100
                                3. Marshall TSL 60
                                4. Fender Bassman (Never shoulda sold it. Stupid, stupid, stupid)
                                5. XXX
                                6. Peavey Ultra 112 (awesome little amp)
                                7. Peavey Classic 30 (Never should have sold this either)
                                8. Mesa Single Recto head
                                9. Peavey classic 50 (4x10)
                                10. Sovtek Mig (very cool sounding head, but not versatile at all)
                                11. Fender '65 twin reissue (absolute crap)
                                12. Peavey transtube 212 EFX