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  • 1. Bigner Shiva
    2. Star Gain Star 30
    3. Gibson GA-5T
    4. Bogner Metropolis
    5. Soldano Atomic 16
    6. Fargen Blackbird
    7. Marshall JTM 60
    8. Orange AD15
    9. Fender Twin Reverb RI
    10. Crate Vintage Club 30
    11. Ampeg VT-60

    Still own 1-4. All the rest are long gone.


    • 1) Hughes & Kettner Duotone combo
      2) Peavey 5150 combo
      3) Marshall DSL 100 head
      4) Peavey XXX combo
      5) Fender Deville 4x10 combo
      Fender MIM P-Bass w/ S.D. Quarter Pound & Bad Ass II Bridge
      Schecter Stiletto Elite w/ S.D. Soapbars
      Ampeg SVT IV
      Traynor YBA200
      Avatar 2x10
      Avatar 2x12


      • Peavey 6505+
        Crate GT-3500h
        Crate BV-120
        Carvin MTS combo


        • 1. Hughes & Kettner Duotone
          2. THD Univalve
          3. Mesa Mark IV
          4. Sovtek Mig-60
          5. Mesa Rectoverb
          6. Peavey 5150
          7. Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
          8. Fender Cyber Deluxe
          9. Marshall AVT50
          10. Crate BV-120

          The only amp I own out of that list now is the 5150, because I just kind of ended up with it.
          Next amp I get will be a Univalve, and maybe I'll be able to afford a Duotone again one of these days (I found mine for $800 a while back, then sold it because I needed money).


          • 1. 1978 Marshall 50w JMP (My desert island amp, the one that will die with me)
            2. Budda SD30
            3. Marshall 1987x (reissue)
            4. Marshall 2205
            5. Marshall TSL100 (normally my first choice for playing in my cover band)
            6. Fender Bassman
            7. Peavey 5150

            The ones I no longer own obviously fall below there, they include a fender blues jr (good amp- just didn't need it). Peavey JSX (good amp, I just prefer the TSL), Peavey Triumph (no comment), Sovtek Mig 50H (regret selling it), Sundown Formula 50 (regret selling it-great clean sound). Fender Champ 12 (red knob, wish I still had it). Peavey Deuce (first tube amp)
            SG's and Marshalls, what else


            • Current amps rating (1 being my favorite):
              1 Road King
              2 Fender Deluxe

              since 2003 - current:
              1 Mesa Boogie Road King Combo
              2 Tremoverb combo
              3 Tremoverb head
              4 Rectoverb combo
              5 Triple Rectifier
              6 '70 Deluxe
              7 '73 Twin
              8 Peavey 5150
              9 Vetta II
              10 Peavey XXX
              11 HD147
              12 Peavey Classic 30
              13 Rocktron Replitone
              14 Spider 2x12
              15 Behringer V-Ampire
              16 Crate Powerblock
              17 Behringer GMX210 (worst amp I owned, was a bad tone rattle-trap)
              Current amps: Valvetech Hayseed 30 * Mesa Transatlantic * 2 tele's.
              Good deals with:
              * rog951 * shegobblescock * schmerf * Many TGP, Boogie and Z-forum members


              • 1. Randall Rm100
                2. Bogner Ubershal
                3. Koch Multitone
                4. Fargen Plexi
                5. Mesa Dual Rec.
                6. Krank Revolution
                RM100m, RM100c, RM50c Randall 412NXT cabs
                1 Randall 212NXT cab
                Clean, Blackface, Recto, SL+, XTC, Plexi
                Warrior - Soldier
                Jackson King V2
                Fender Malmsteen
                Washburn G5V
                T.C. Electronics G System


                • 1. Engl SE (still have)
                  2. Engl Powerball
                  3. Peavey Butcher (still have)
                  4. Line 6 HD-147
                  5. Peavey 5150 II
                  6. Line 6 Vetta I & II
                  7. Marshall DSL 50 watt head
                  8. Line 6 Spider combo
                  9. Peavey Triple XXX
                  Kemper Profiling Amp
                  Matrix GT800FX
                  Bogner Oversized 2x12

                  Anderson Drop Top
                  Anderson Classic x 2
                  Anderson Bulldog

                  My Clips:



                  • 1.mesa tremoverb
                    2/3 (tied)
                    peavey ultra plus,
                    peavey 5150
                    4.fender mini tonemaster
                    5.rogue 100 watt hybrid head
                    6.fender frontman 15r
                    7.epiphone 10s (had to buy it when i saw how little it was, VERY portable lol)
                    8.smokey pocket amp
                    Axe FX Standard
                    Splawn Quick Rod

                    Fernandes Ravelle
                    Fender MIM Strat
                    Washburn MG44


                    • Theres only 1 #1........

                      and it's my plexi

                      2.Peavey 5150
                      3.Randall G80
                      4.Randall RG230SC(favorite combo)
                      5.Vox AC30CC


                      • Current amps

                        Hi Gain

                        Orange AD140TC
                        Soldano SLO100
                        Mesa DR 1992
                        Orange AD30


                        Marshall Superlead Plexi RI with PTP board and MM OT
                        71 Hiwatt DR103
                        Marshall Metalface Superlead RI (1988)
                        81 Hiwatt DR103
                        70 Traynor YBA 1A
                        Fender Deluxe Reverb silverface
                        Kustom B200 head

                        Worst amps I've ever owned in the past:

                        Marshall JCM900 high gain dual reverb 50W
                        Fender 75 head
                        Peavey 5150


                        • bump for good threads
                          Gibson LP custom [emg81]
                          Esp/Ltd H-1000 deluxe [emg85]

                          Engl Blackmore
                          Tc Electronic Fireworx
                          Axess Electronics GRX4
                          Boss TU2
                          Engl Vintage Pro 4x12 [V30]
                          Engl Z-11 midi swither
                          Engl Z-12 midi pedal
                          ISP decimator

                          Proud member of New Wave of Australian Heavy Metal m /


                          • Originally posted by Quagmire
                            Theres only 1 #1........

                            and it's my plexi

                            2.Peavey 5150
                            3.Randall G80
                            4.Randall RG230SC(favorite combo)
                            5.Vox AC30CC

                            I like the one in your avatar.

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                            • [QUOTE]Originally posted by troublehead

                              8) Marshall DSL 50 (pre-mod)

                              16) Marshall DSL 50 (post-mod)

                              ] What did you have done to it to make it LESS good sounding?
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                              • 1)Engl Blackmore
                                2)Engl Powerball
                                3)Peavey Triple XXX
                                4)Ampeg SS150
                                5)Peavey XXL
                                6)Line 6 Spider
                                Charvel San Dimas II-USA Made
                                Charvel Koa Custom Shop
                                ESP Lynch Tiger-1988 Model
                                Gibson Les Paul Classic
                                Kramer Pacer-USA Made
                                Godin Freeway Classic
                                Engl Blackmore
                                Genz Benz G-Flex(v30/H30)
                                Splawn OS 2x12 (V30s)
                                Maxon OD-9
                                Rocktron Xpression
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