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OT: how many cabs till permacab?


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    DigiJams: Sick dude. Someday I will have a room like this.


    Peters Custom Hydra Pre and 100 Watt Peters Custom Slave Power Amp in a 12 Space rack. Buyer pays actual shipping. $2250 firm, but will bend a little for distance shipping.

    I also sell Nutrilite Sports Nutrition and Vitamin Supplementation ideal for athletes and body builders, PM me to know more


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      Avatar doesn't disappoint son.


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        I doubt I'll ever sell my ear candy 2x12, because the chances of getting another one are slim. The only other cab I've owned that I should have kept, was my fender tonemaster cab. Really good cab and you can find them for a good price.
        Originally Posted by rushtallica

        A personal goal of mine is to pull off simultaneously duckwalking & windmilling while using someone else's teeth as a pick while playing one of the Jimi Gibson strats through an exploding Bugera.

        Originally Posted by OverDriven

        I like a little thickness. After all, the angle of the dangle is proportionate to the cube of the boob times the mass of the ass. This, of course, doesn't take into account the sag of the bag.