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  1. Pretty cool to listen to. And no doubt they improved from there. haha. Speaking of which, and I may have missed the discussion here, but has anyone else watched any of the "Soundbreaking" documentary series on PBS? I watched the first episode and a half or so. Really cool. The first episode is about producers, and of course Sir George Martin received a good portion of time.
  2. Could be. I can't find anything about whether it supports UASP or not, but I bought it because it was also a Blu-Ray burner and I need that for archival purposes. And while not expensive per se, there not inexpensive either IMO, having a second external optical drive is just getting a bit carried way IMO. haha. Anyway their site does say it's compatible with Windows 10. I've made sure it's got the most up to date firmware. And it works with some software. Just not all software. Unless I use it via the USB 2.0 hub. So it does have something to do with the USB 3.0/UASP support. I would just think that at this point these things should be pretty much plug-n-play. Anyway I have it working. I'll check every once in a while and see if it begins to work over USB 3.0. Thanks again for all the help.
  3. After much experimentation I finally found the culprit. USB 3.0. My laptop only has USB 3.0 ports (well and a TB3 port). So I had added a USB 3.0 hub, and plugged the drive directly into that. This was specially handy since USB 3.0 can power the drive with only one port (the drive came with a cable what has two connectors on the end that plugs into the computer for extra juice). Turns out if I plug a USB 2.0 hub into my 3.0 hub and then the drive into the 2.0 hub, it works. And yes I tried plugging both connectors to make sure it wasn't a power issue. Hopefully someday this will get worked out and I can plug it directly back into USB 3.0, but until then, I have lived and learned.
  4. I'm on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, external Pioneer BDR-XD05s, Staples Generic CD-R's. Not the best Media I know, but all that's readily available around here.
  5. Thanks for the tips. I seem to have a bit of a hardware issue also. I downloaded the demo of Wavelab, and for some reason it won't finish a burn either. Right now I'm demoing Hofa's CD&DDP burner software. It does what I need it to right now, but is pretty basic. I guess worse come to worse I could make the DDP in StudioOne and then burn it with Hofa. I also downloaded the Sound Forge demo, but am waiting for the Hofa demo to expire before trying it. I did like what I saw in Wavelab. Just need it to actually burn the CD. Thanks for the tips. I'll let you know what I decide.
  6. Hello. It's been a while since I've been around here much, but I definitely trust your opinions. Anyway I've been a long time mac user, but am in the process of switching to windows. For the most part it's been quite smooth sailing. However I realized that DSP Quattro is mac only. It's what I've been using for my CD authoring for a while now. Before that it was Bias Peak. Anyway I don't need too many features. I've been watching some videos trying to figure out which software would work best for me. My main feature request is the ability to take a 60-70 minute stereo audio file, split it into the separate tracks, and burn them into a CD. Most of my work is recording the church services. I normally just export the service as one long audio file and cut it up later. FWIW I have added StudioOne Pro to my collection of Daws. But the project section won't burn a CD for me for some reason. I need to look into that more also. But I wouldn't mind something just for the CD authoring work. So hit me up with any recommendations. Thanks.
  7. Oh and as far as "virtual" goes. I have Air's Strike, SSD4, Slate's trigger, and probably a few others. I much prefer a real kit, but the others can be very useful and time saving. Especially since I don't have super easy access to my kit right now. Trigger is great for beefing up a kit. And it has one of the best gate's I've ever used on drums. Sometimes I use it just for that.
  8. I have one of the first Pacific Kits that I got for graduation. It has a 14 steel snare, 12,13,16 toms and a 22 kick. All pacific hardware. However I actually don't have cymbals right now. I mostly play guitar at church and a friend of mine is the drummer. He has a nice set of Sabian HH's. Anyway I had cymbals, but a guy playing in the youth borrowed mine to add to his set, and somewhere after that they disappeared. Being as they were some $200 Zildjian's I'm not totally heart broken. I always wanted something better, but still a disappointing. Anyway they are still used in the main sanctuary for every service. I have them mic'd up with a Peil PR48 kick mic, snare has a PR20ut, toms are using CAD M179's, and I have a pair of SM81's for overheads set up in a Recorderman/Glyn Johns style. As far as heads I have an evans EMAD on the kick, snare is a Genera HD dry, and toms, are EC2's. I think it sound pretty solid. Also the drummer had a killer DW kit before he started using mine. It was a zebrawood custom shop set. It looked and sounded fantastic. Need the money and had to sell it, but I tried to convince him otherwise. If I could have afforded it, I would have bought it. It was killer. He also had a another set of DW's when I first started playing with him. It was all black with gold hardware. Literally had 5-6 toms a huge Gibraltar rack set up with a crap load of cymbals. Two hi-hats, one was a remote. If he would have had two bass drums it would have been something straight out of a 80's hair metal band haha. I used to give him crap about it. But I've been more of a minimalist when it comes to drums. But that's probably because I first tried to emulate jazz players. Anyway if I could change anything, and will eventually, it would be to get a really nice snare or 4. Probably start off with a nice deep maple snare. May even get one with maple hoops. Of course a nice little picalo would probably be the next one. Then probably a really nice metal snare like a black beauty. Being the center of the kit, it's kind of sad to realize it's probably the weakest link in my current kit. I may fix this sooner than later. haha
  9. My set of "real" monitors is a set of Event 20/20 BAS. Not sure if they were the first or second generation. Bought them at a clearance sale at Guitar Center many years ago. They've been usable, but always wanted something truer. Anyway due to Life. I don't even have them set up anymore. They are at church for when I want a set of near fields to check with. For mixing these days I've gone "in-ear". Definitely has taken some getting used to. And am planning on setting up a room soon, so I can set up some proper monitoring again. But with enough A/B'ing, I've had some success. I've been eyeing the Presonus Sceptres. I like the idea of a single point source. Not sure it makes that much difference, but in my head it makes sense. Plus reading up on Danley Sound Labs systems, has probably influenced that. Anyway I just looked up Presonus' site. Anyone else see the new R-series or Ribbon monitors? Those could be really cool too.
  10. http://www.intelix.com/media/manuals/Psych_manual.pdf Maybe this will help? Just breezed through it. Kind of hard for me to read in-depth without the gear in front of me.
  11. I didn't notice it using any. But I am now using a 12-core HP Z600. So that's not really playing fair when it comes to that question.
  12. I finally got it to work. I installed 3.0 and then 3.1 update. According to support I didn't need to install 3.0 first. But for some reason none of the graphs showed up. However once I got it installed i really does seem to work well. I mostly use "cans" these days due to not having a room I can use. So I'm getting used to the difference in work flow. I've ended up with half a dozen different models of earphones. Both over the ear and in-ear. My current favorites are my Flare Audio R2Pro's. Those things are simply beastly. Amazing clarity and transient response. But a lot more lows and low mids than I'm used to so I tend to end up with thin mixes if I exclusively use them. They also have slightly "relaxed" highs. So I can sometimes push the highs a bit. However my old "go to's" were my Etymotic ER4PT's. Which is handy because they're almost the opposite. Lots of top end detail and clarity but lacking in the lows. The KNS8400's with the plug-in are now somewhere in between. Still not as revealing as either, but a good tonal balance. My last church service I mixed I mostly used the KNS's. Then checked my mix on the others. Both revealed somethings I needed to touch up, but overall it wasn't anything major. Just a few freq's in the low mids of the piano that were too strong, and the lead vocals were a touch sibilant. I thought they were almost too bright on the KNS's, but wasn't sure and wanted that "up front" sound. But when I listened on the Ety's, they needed some de-essing. Now without the plug-in they are good, but kind of "honky". I can use them, but the plug-in really does smooth them out and make them easier to listen to. It's cool because you can turn it on and off and hear the difference. In fact I did that on occasion, just to get a "different" perspective. And that's one thing I've figured out. Your ears tend to adjust to whatever headphones you're listening to. Much more than monitors. So keeping different points of reference are important. And I think the 3 sets I mentioned will be my current references. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. But if I had to rate them from "Keep your hands off" to "hear use these, if you break them I won't cry", it would easily go R2Pros, Ety's, KNS.
  13. I demoed their Headphone calibration software a while back. Seemed pretty cool. I have some Sennheiser HD280's which are one of the ones they have a "generic" correction for. Seems to work pretty well. But considering how colored they are, I'm not sure it's something I can really trust. They just released an update that has a correction for the KNS8400's, which I also have. I need to check it out and see what it does. It definitely makes a difference. But never put it through the paces to see if it was really worth it.
  14. http://headfonics.com/2015/05/the-r2...y-flare-audio/ lets try this again. edit: so it seems to work now. I had linked to the last page of the article. I'll try and update the original link also. Thanks for the heads up.
  15. Hey guys. I've never started a thread like this. So apologies if it's off base or not allowed. But there's a kickstarter campaign you might want to check out. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...-in-pure-sound Not sure how I first found out about it. But did. Been keeping up and reading reviews. By all accounts these may be some of the best iem's available for engineering. Here's a recent review that really caught my attention. http://headfonics.com/2015/05/the-r2a-and-r2pro-iems-by-flare-audio/ I started out pledging for the basic aluminum ones. Decided to upgrade to stainless, thinking they might be more durable, and I can be rough on gear sometimes. And then went for the pros. And after reading that review have upgraded to the pro/aluminum combo pack. They have said, even if they don't reach their kickstarter goal, they will still make them, and backers will still get the kickstarter pricing. But you have to pledge before the deadline. I've been emailing them, asking questions, and am suppose to be getting a pair of the pros to demo. However they are coming via USPS and their tracking isn't the best. So not sure when they'll get here. They've been in Chicago since Tuesday. When they do show up, I'll be sure and post my thoughts. But they may not get here before the deadline. So wanted to go ahead and give you guys a heads up. I've done some reading on the company and they started making live pa boxes. By most accounts they are pretty phenomenal. They also make some smaller monitors. Haven't found a lot about them. However Olympic studio uses them. Jimmy page is a big fan. Used them when they remastered some zep stuff. Also used them to play back the work to the press. Said this was the best they would ever hear the album sound. I'm not affiliated with them in any way. Won't profit from posting this. Just want to share what could be a great deal to other engineers before it's gone. If anyone has any experience with their other gear let me know. I'm kind of interested in their p1 monitors. But will definitely have to get over buying these before I can even ask how much they are lol.
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