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  1. I do remember that the first disposable you did was mark IIC+ boosted with the screamer model. You had erased that, I requested it and you did something similar! yeah, i looked again and cant find it. ill have to do another one at some point
  2. just curious - what models were you using for your tallica sounds? Mark IV? Mark IIC+? {censored}, while we're on the subject we should swap some presets fellas! i dont remember, disposable definitely isnt mark. i didnt know there was a mark iv model on there. "one" was the first clip i recorded and it sounds like {censored} but whatever. this clip i believe is the mark IIC model but i dont even know http://soundcloud.com/raceu4her/hcafmix3
  3. nice clips RaceU4her, I'm definitely going to try and make some clips in the near future after I get my unit dialed in a bit more and then setup my user cabs.
  4. these are all gsp1101 into reaper from the usb soundgarden - bunch of old amps layered, the bass is the guitar->bass thing http://soundcloud.com/raceu4her/iawake-take-5-1 Kashmir - Dont remember what models http://soundcloud.com/raceu4her/kashmir Planet caravan - dont remember http://soundcloud.com/raceu4her/planetcaravan smashing pumpkins - JCM800 with big muff with billys settings http://soundcloud.com/raceu4her/corgantone5 some metallica http://soundcloud.com/raceu4her/disposableohhah http://soundcloud.com/raceu4her/darkness6
  5. old Bogen tube amp marshall mosfet 100 jcm600 classic 30 vh140c crate gx130 randall century
  6. i havent been listening to as much metal, yet the stuff i am writing is more metal than anything ive written before
  7. still havent found the right amp for that album thats being tracked next week for 4 years now?? i figured when you disappeared maybe you found the right amp but i guess not lol
  8. i dropped a bowling ball on my pinky and smashed it to a pancake when i was a kid. sat in the waiting room for three hours in agony before anyone did anything. i had a collapsed lung and had to have a chest to the size of a straw stuck in my chest, that wasnt exactly fun either
  9. the dude from nile used a fat strat for a while
  10. theres a reason there are more used peavey cabs with sheffields on the market than probably any other single piece of gear
  11. WINNAR! Now that I saw the vid though... thats no shooby dooby. this is shooby dooby at :45 [YOUTUBE]VL9xOLpwI0I[/YOUTUBE]
  12. it really could be a ton of songs. ill just use this thread to post some of my favorites that you might like too [YOUTUBE]Kq204wG8UfA[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]ZFkc2gbShTY[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]10W7GMry_OM[/YOUTUBE]
  13. i was seriously trippin for a while years ago thinking i was going bald, and im not really quite sure what i was thinking or smoking at the time cause i have the same amount of hair ive always had. ill tell you though, i hooked up with a ton more chicks when i thought i was going bald cause i figured it was gonna be like my last hoorah or something. now that i realized im not really goin bald i stopped caring and theres been less chicks around haha
  14. amazing sounding clip. i seem to love every elmwood clip i hear
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