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  1. Hey there. Would you be interested in a Nord Rack 2? Cheers Michael
  2. Hey guys. Sold my MTS a while ago and still have a module left over, so off it goes. $100 OBO Cheers Michael
  3. Hey guys. I love this amp. To me it's the best high gain out there. Sharp, percussive and awesome attack with one of the most broad EQs out there with the inclusion of the Edge and Fat knobs on the back. Reminds me of a mix between a Diezel, Soldano and a Rectifier. But I am getting more into home recording and want to pick up a Kemper and a Nord Synth this month so something has to go. $1700 As far as trades go, I am open to just about anything really as long as I get some cash to fund me putting down a payment on a Kemper or enough to score me a Nord. Including but not limited to Boogie Mark's or Rectos, Oranges, H&K, Splawn. I'd really be into a Mark III at the moment. Hit me up, the worst I can do is say no. Cheers Michael
  4. vice2.0

    Marshall JMP 2203

    Hey guys. Up for sale is my 1979 Marshall JMP 2203. It's been modded but returned back to stock save for an serial/parallel FX loop with send and return knobs. Sounds killer but I am trying to fund some home recording gear. $1200 OBO Cheers Michael
  5. Hey guys. First up is the Mammoth. I love this thing but I am selling a lot of gear to fund a Kemper Amp so this is on the dock. Built by a guy on the forum who does top notch work. All black with black chicken head knobs for maximum rock n roll. No labels. Don't be a pu$$y and figure out the knobs for yourself. $100 Up next is my Ibanez Tube King. Unlike most other tube driven pedals, this runs the plate really high and actually gets it's distortion from the tube which results in more thickness and warmth. I run it as a boost, as an OD and it actually gets into fuzz territory if you dime it. Run in front of my JMP it simply kills. $100 Cheers Michael
  6. Hey guys! Up for sale is my Rivera Quiana Studio 50 head. It's in great shape and I love it, but I am getting into recording and want to pick up a Kemper so I can record more quietly at home. $1000 plus shipping. I'd trade for a Kemper (long shot) and add cash. Otherwise I'd trade towards an amp I can easily sell to add towards my Kemper fund. The Rivera is a lot like many of Paul's other designs. Basically a Fender on one channel and a hot rodded Marshall on the other. Cheers Michael
  7. Hey there. I am not new to the forums but am new and very interested in MIDI guitar. I have the chance to pick up a GR20 with the GK3 pick up for what I think is a good price locally. I know that it has MIDI in and out, and was curious to know if these can be used to trigger outboard synths like an Access Virus or possibly my soft synths that came with Komplete? If so, how is the tracking? I'm anxiously awaiting the Triple Play but want to dive in as soon as possible.
  8. Hey guys. Looking to pick up an M13. I am located in Canada, so you should be willing to ship here. It really isn't all that much more. Maybe like 15-20 dollars more to ship than from the states. Cheers Michael
  9. vice2.0

    I have $1000

    Randall RM100 with 5 modules. Blackface, Plexi, Recto, XTC and 1086.
  10. Bump from the dead. Looking for high gain heads to trade as well.
  11. I think I have my Randall sold, so the extra modules are up for sale. Both mint. XTC - 100 1086 - 200 Prices don't include shipping. Cheers Michael
  12. Thanks for the interest guys! I wanted to list the amp on the MTS Forums but my emails don't qualify for membership. I am shipping from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Bump!
  13. Bump! Will trade towards a Woolly Mammoth Clone or a Line 6 M13. Maybe a Devi Ever Bass Fuzz or Ampeg Portaflex head. I like bass nao
  14. Bump. Now on eBay as well. Can't believe this isn't moving at this price.
  15. ZVex Fuzz Factory - 120 Shipped Tonefreak Severe - 110 Shipped
  16. Hey guys. Up for sale is my mint RM100. It comes with 3 modules, but you get to choose which out of the 4 that I have, which are the Blackface, Plexi, Recto and XTC modules. The footswitch is included as well. $675 plus actual shipping. Thats for the head with the modules. The cab is already sold. For trades I am looking at high gainers, I already have my Marshall territory covered. May be interested in Mesa Recs and Marks, Kettner Triamps and such but I am really gassing for a Mako or Laboga Mr Hector. Cheers Michael
  17. I might be interested. I have a Triamp Mk1. Could you pm some pics and details? Cheers Michael
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