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  1. Probably one of the better threads imo, people are thinking more in this thread than any other one currently. That is a parlor trick equation.
  2. Huh, I thought I read somewhere that he was working at a bakery or deli or something like that, making bagels???? cant remember what but something like that. Where is he now? According to our sources Vito is still living in the Bratta family house in Staten Island and lives an unglamorous life by choice. He's a family man who doesn't seem to want anything to do with fame or the music industry anymore. His silence has made for some interesting rumors- he's a computer guy or works in a pizza shop, can't play music anymore because of a hand injury, is fat, etc. There may be truth to the injury report but it isn't clear that it's a lingering injury and he does still play guitar. He's definitely not fat, as can be seen in recent (2005) pictures. More updates to come soon. Despite his cult status and large guitar-based following, Vito has not been involved in the music industry in any capacity since 1994. According to a small piece in Guitar World magazine, Vito is said to now be "working with computers". Sources today report Vito's current interest is the real estate industry. Who knows
  3. I THINK he is back on Long Island and sells insurance or something like that, he left the biz on his own terms. If he did rip off EVH he took tapping up one notch from what Eddie was doing, hiss vibrato was not near Ed's though.
  4. Man I have always wanted that guitar, great design that works well! That Floyd one is da bomb!!!!
  5. I think the deal was that Vai had the U7 made, and no one bought them. Later, Munky and Head found good deals on em in Bakersfield pawn shops and decided to give em a try, and they dug em. So while may players have played 7 strings, it was indeed the popularity of Korn that resurrected the Vai 7... IIRC, Ibanez had stopped making them. "The Maestro Alex Gregory" had Fender make him a 7 string strat earlier than Vai's 7 string so he could play the Caprices (he later had BC Rich make an extended scale 5 string tuned in fifths. That caught on like testicle waxing). And as mentioned, George Van Eps, Howard Alden, Lenny Breau, Bucky Pizarrelli and others had played 7 strings in a Jazz context years before. But I think Korn does deserve some credit for trying something new. Limp Biskit were Korn protoges, brought on tour with them, and I think "3 dollar bill$ y'all" was released on Korn's vanity label. Christ {censored}ing Christ half way down this train wreck to find an answer that has merit................ HC/UG
  6. lol at BerkleeBill for digging this old gem up. Different scene of folks back then... Just skimmed through the whole thread, holy {censored} 2/3s of the posters are long gone Gerlock as electric slide MAn those flame war days were awesome
  7. lol at BerkleeBill for digging this old gem up. Different scene of folks back then... Maz Master
  8. I'd pay 6k for it. I have zero isssues as well, for me it is the channel switcher out there
  9. Cause teh Myles left them BUMP FOR THE NEW FOLKS
  10. Dude, that plus the frequency the military deploys, with her as a single parent, should be a major plus in your favor. Yup, the military would rather not pay for the kids to go to Germany if there is a guardian in the US. IF she cares she will not make those kids military brats floating from school to school.
  11. Sorry to hear this but you do have much to say when it comes to the military AND she has to deal with both US legal system and the military code of conduct. First she has to go to basic and there are no kids there so you will have them. Second, she could get duty close to home as Texas has bases I believe. The military will not allow her to just up and take kids if there is a civilian dad involved. The last thing a commanding officer needs is a pissed off father yelling at his congressman. Good luck and do not think you have no options.
  12. Originally posted by Uma Floresta FX: EG: AF: The EG guys as a whole hate Vai
  13. Ok.........I'll play Places where they shop for guitars........ FX: EG: AF:
  14. Christ that was freaking funny but some of these pictures are way off The EG dudes are more about dumpster diving for agiles while we are blowing bucks on Suhrs You guys need to place the low rent pictures next to the EG guys
  15. Originally posted by adiohead his cum is sweet? Sweet = Gay Get your urban book out
  16. Paul Stanley is as sweet as they come guys, that is fact.
  17. Originally posted by batotman LOL....I know, I think some of these people are as dim as they come. But hey, they're entertaining me and keeping my thread RIGHT AT THE TOP so it helps me! Dude, nothing wrong with making a profit......just don't go blabbing what you paid and this thread never happened.
  18. Holy crap......your band must be doing ok for you to score two Herberts Then again that is your job so write them off as an expense
  19. My way of bringing the mazi way to the masses M/ Hell yeah
  20. Originally posted by Phil O'Keefe And I'll continue to pull them. And if you continue to do so after repeated warnings, I'll get tired of dealing with it reasonably (since you're apparently not willing to play within the rules and be reasonable yourself) and take further action. Your call bud. Phil, Could you please tell your pet project that I have never reported a thread that contained girls or SPAM? Thank you and best regards, Scotty
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