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  1. Here's how I've been running two amps and so far I've been loving the sound! Guitar--->(pedals)--->ending with an AB/Y, which right now I'm using a startouch one but would love to use the radial switchbone if I could only power it with my PP2+ (anyone know if that's possible??) Then the FXs loop from both amps are going into a couple stereo effects. Quick Diagram: Peters Hydra(Send)--->Input 'A' of Chorus/Output 'A' of Chorus--->Input 'A' of DD-20/Output 'A' of DD-20 ---> back to Hydra (Return) Peters Chimera(send)--->Input 'B' of Chorus/Output 'B' of Chorus--->Input 'B' of DD-20/Output 'B' of DD-20 ---> back to Chimera (Return) Then had James create a footswitch that would allow me to change the amps channels at the same time with one press of a button (same goes for the solo boost). One switch to control them...:poke: That's my easy and fun setup:thu:
  2. It's times like this where I wish I had extra cash hanging around BTW thanks for the suggestion about adding a DiMarzio Evolution to the ESP Horizon, totally awesome combination!
  3. Just like the title states, looking for two for now and if they match well with the G12K-100's then I'll be needing 2 more.
  4. I just ran it through both of my amps and no volume problems at all. Swap it for another one. Excellent! Thanks I really appreciate that, now I have can call boss back on Monday and tell them that others don't have this problem. BTW these pedals do have a 5 yr warranty right?
  5. Can the timebender be powered with the Power Pedal 2+? I see it's an AC unit, so I guess it should be able to be powered by a pedal power AC...
  6. I'll try it tomorrow through both of my amps and let you know what happens. I don't see what could be causing the volume boost. I don't have that problem at all. Thanks! It was working perfect before and now I'm having this problem. Luckily I don't have the problem that forprescription is having, but that problem alone seems like another pain in the ass.
  7. Output level of the DD-20? On the regular -20db setting (output 1 I believe it's called) and as far as the dry/wet signal dial 'E-Level' goes is set just a little over half.
  8. I can't remember if I did that or not.... I'll have to try it out again tomorrow.
  9. Hey all, I was hoping someone on here might be able to shed some light on my problem. I'm running a two head rig via A/B Y box and the guitar signal is being sent to both inputs on the amps. Also I'm using the FXs loop from both amps to run my Stereo Chorus and the DD-20. Ok everything fine up to there? I've done this setup a few times before but now it's causing me problems. When I have the DD-20 set to either SOS, Warp, Analog, Standard, Dual, Modulate, or Reverse everything works fine. I hear the delay from both amps at their respectable volumes (whatever the amp's volume is at the time)... Now the kicker. When I set the DD-20 to either Twist, Tape, Pan, or Smooth one amp plays the delay perfectly fine but the other amp will play the same delay tracking at about 3 times the volume of the first amp. So lets take the pan delay for example: Ping goes through amp 1, pong stupidly loud through amp 2, ping into amp 1 perfect, amp 2 the same as before. Now I called Boss and asked them and they said it was normal ... really? When I had it working perfectly before, where I could use all the settings with no volume issues was that the abnormality? Anyway more detail, I've set up the DD-20 using setup 1 and powering it with a power pedal 2+ connected to slot 6. Thanks for any suggestions, Gary PS if this is the pedals fault how do I go about getting boss to say ya it's a defect? I bought this pedal back in May 07 so the 5 yr warranty should still be in effect.
  10. TAD is just a European tube relabeler just like Ruby is here in the US. I actually have TAD labeled JJ tubes that came stock in my VH4 (3 were TAD and 1 was a JJ and they are all identical). If you are buying TADs, just make sure you know who the manufacturer is and it really doesn't matter. It is likely they are JJs, Chinese, Sovtek/Svetlana or Tung Sol/New Sensor anyway. +1
  11. Industrial Park is sick. Then go on tour with Linkin Park and call the tour Theme Parks of Thought! :poke:
  12. And take ephedrine!!! You`ll cut weight like a mother {censored}er! PS not necessarily healthy or good for you, may lead to depression after long term use. Do not use if you have a heart condition!!
  13. how are gtk100s with the 6505, been thinking about dropping sound new speakers in my combo I think they match a 6505/5150 very well! IMO it has similar qualities to the V30 minus the mid spike but not nearly as `relaxed` as the T-75s or T-100s. Tighter on the lows and fairly smooth highs. Perfect complement to the T-100 I think. Its weird to speak praise for these speakers and state that they feel similar to V30s since I`m not a fan of V30s. T-100s just like the T75s with less highs and tighter bass.
  14. Don't forget to wash the inside of the cab out with a garden hose. I suppose it's too late for that... I hope you did it when you had the chance! Assuming you know the youtube vid I'm referring to... Why the little hunk of foam on the end of the wooden centre bar thing? Seems reasonable to believe it'd be more resonant if it were wood-to-wood, wouldn't it? Nah didn`t use a garden hose, Just decided to drop the whole cab in a lake for a couple hours... Kept the speakers in too cause they needed cleaning too. Now it sounds to watery That foam hunk was on there from factory:idk: but I did add foaming around the frame where the back panel screws on too. Now the panels are a bitch to take off, it`s like sucked on.
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