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  1. This is a clone of the Lovetone RingStinger. It was built by Shad Damron of Quinn Amps and pedals. He built a handful of these about 10 years ago from reverse-engineering a RingStinger that he had in his possession at the time. I've had this one since then. It has been gone over by an electrical engineer and given a clean bill of health. I've just not been using it lately. It does include the light sensor to control the VCO with light. $350 shipped
  2. I have a Fulltone Fulldrive 2 Mosfet. I got it in a trade. It sounds great, just takes up too much real estate on my board for me to be okay with it at this time. $130 Paypalled and shipped ---------------------------------------------- I have an older Rat. It sounds great, just not for my needs. $75 Paypalled and shipped ---------------------------------------------- I have a Zoom Hyper Lead. It's one of the analog models. It has an interesting sound to it, again not for my needs. $75 Paypalled and shipped ---------------------------------------------- As far as trades go, I'm interested in the following: Wampler Ego MI Audio Crunch Box MI Audio Blues Pro any other pedals that are in a small box...
  3. I have two Eminence P50-E speakers from a VHT 4x12. They are 16 ohm, 50 watt speakers and sound great. They have been played, but never abused. I'm looking to trade them for two 16 ohm speakers of a different variety. I'm fairly open about those speakers, just run some past me. I do prefer higher wattage speakers, at least 30 and up.
  4. I have a very well loved Earthquaker Devices Grand Orbiter phaser. It sounds great. It's just being replaced with something different. $115 Paypalled and shipped. I have an Earthbound Audio Supercollider. It's version one, as far as I'm aware. It's been on my board for probably two years now. It has some nicks and so on, but sounds great. $125 Paypalled and shipped. The only trade that I would be into is a decent overdrive/boost/distortion pedal. I'm pretty open about that.
  5. I have an Ashdown ABM 500 EVO III. It has some wear to it, nothing major. It sounds great. $450 Paypalled and shipped -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a Bergantino NV610 cab. It has been used quite a bit. It's not looking pretty, but it sounds amazing. I have no good pics of it, but I will add some tonight. $650 - I cannot ship this. I am willing to drive around 100 miles from Pittsburgh to meet up.
  6. I just picked this up recently. I quite like it, but I'm not sure that it really has a place in what we're doing at the moment. I'd rather trade it for something else. Things that have my interest: Delays (with trails) Phasers Chorus Flangers Ring Modulators Some fuzz pedals Things that make noise.
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