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Weekly Spam Thread 8/27/2012


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  • Weekly Spam Thread 8/27/2012

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    This thing is practically brand spankin new. Still has the plastic on the logos! Hand picked by Howard Kaplan after I sent one back that had issues. I have never gigged with this amp and it's been in a smoke free environment. Not a scratch spot or blemish on this thing!!'s absolutely PERFECT!

    Comes with footswitch, cables. manual and original box and packing materials

    This is an awesome awesome amp! I need cash and that is the only reason I am selling it. Buy this and save yourself a couple hundred bucks and the wait time

    $850 shipped

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      Ada MP-1 - $700 Shipped OBO and I'll even pick up the paypal. Cheers, Lucius
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      FS: Mesa Dual Rec - SOLD! To the man with the big green shoes!


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        Hellatone 30, PM me
        Strawberry fields...


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          Lookin tO sell or trade my Agile LP. Original horn, original headstock. Has Stew Mac Golden Age pups in it. Plays great. I have a HSC for it, but he case is a little big, so extra padding will make it snug.

          Looking to get 350 and I'll split shipping. For trades, all I really want is a 6-8 input USB or FireWire recording interface. Ill add cash if it's a really nice one. Pm me any offers.
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            I have a Reverend Club King 290 up for sale. This is a great playing and sounding guitar. It comes loaded with 2 P90's and includes a Reverend hard shell case. I love this guitar but it is not getting the love it deserves and needs to go to someone who would play it more. The only trades I'm interested in are a Vox AC30 or an AC15 plus cash. Otherwise $600 and split shipping
            Pics here:

            Gibson Les Paul Studio
            Gibson SG Standard
            Gibson Les Paul 60's tribute
            Gibson Hummingbird Pro Cutaway
            Squire Vintage Mod Jazz Bass
            Fender Stratocaser partscaster w/ P90's

            Fender Deluxe Reverb RI
            Fender Acoustasonic 30

            Jet City 1X12 loaded with WGS Retro 30

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              Gibson Les Paul Limited Edition Traditional 1960
              Trans Red finish, with standard black gibson hard case. This is a new guitar, with all papers & original tag of ($1999)..ect.
              Made in 2011
              10lb's on this one. thin neck, very nice finish.

              same model as this:

     l%201960%20Trans%20Red%20Electric%20Guitar%20with% 20Black%20Snakeskin%20Hardshell%20Case_-49946533

              Contact: Please send any questions to my pm.
              Price: 1600$ Shipped U.S.A.
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                great shape in box with everything included, this is not the Project*, this unit was/is old inventory is 499* originally.
                Price: $280 Shipped
                good deals with:
                xiwiwix,J.B.Mesa4x12er2,Demonofthefall,EdgeOvThorn s,1776,theomacy,Extasyguy,guitarslinger,Fretpick,B erkleeBil,lifele55,gearaholic,NecroFetus,Offthisce ntury,The Elitist,Big Rich,Slav123,MRAAJR


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                  No trades at this time, thanks.

                  Epiphone Elite LP - 8/10, MIJ, original purple lined HSC, pre-"elitist", Dunlop straplocks, Gibson USA pickups, tobacco burst, awesome tone/player, flame maple top, some player wear, some minor accidents (see pics), also missing truss rod cover and pickguard. SOLD

                  Breedlove MK II electric - MIK import prototype (breedlove has no electric import line so this is one of a kind), 3 Wilkinson Humbuckers, Wilkinson trem, SKB HSC, awesome fat LP tone, minor wear and 1 ding (see pics), missing truss rod cover (two will be included). $650 shipped/paypal

                  Kafel S-150 RED - 2 channels, 150w from (4) EL34s, currently running (2) EL34s for 75w, awesome cleans (tons of headroom, warm and articulate), drive channel is a mild-mid OD depending on guitar/pickups, in-house hand wound transformers, bulletproof amp!, original slip case and footswitch. $1100 shipped/paypal

                  Mesa Single Recto 50w - good condition, no footswitch. $800 shipped/paypal

                  Rio Grandes HB set - good amount of lead left, the original RG humbuckers as far as I know, creme colored, regular space, 2 conductor wiring. $125 shipped/paypal


                  My rig:
                  Edwards ELP-112LTS/RE

                  Butler Silver Hammer
                  ISP Vector SL
                  Kafel 412

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                    Welcome to Nick's I Need to Sell All My Crap To Buy a Car Sale!

                    FS: Peavey Valveking & Madison Divinity

                    Peavey Valveking VK100 Head $400 SHIPPED
                    Dead MINT, has all the original Ruby tubes, the amp is only a year old, I am the original owner and it is in perfect condition cosmeticly and functionally. It has been gigged only twice.

                    Madison Divinity Head $500 SHIPPED
                    This amp was retubed about a year ago with all JJs in the pre section and JJ E34Ls in the power section. Doesnt have any wear on the tolex or shell. The only scratches are on a couple of the knobs.
                    This is a great sounding amp, it has that low growl on the gain channel while still retaining a warm tone. This amp is awesome for leads, the warmth plus the lush reverb gives it a great lead tone. It can sometimes be slightly noisy, but nothing a noisegate couldnt solve, it also tightens up very well with a boost or tubescreamer. I have used this amp for just over a year now, and I really dont want to sell it, but under the circumstances, I have to sell things to be able to afford a vehicle. This amp is becomming very rare and sought after. Everything on the amp works perfectly, and I have gigged it only 3 times since owning it. I bought this amp for $550, so $500 including shipping is easily a fair offer. (save the lowballs on this one.)

                    ~I am selling these amps because I currently have 4 tube amps, and I dont really gig enough to justify owning them all, plus I need to put the money toward buying a car.

                    FS: Madison Knight 12" Bass / Guitar / PA speakers $45/each Shipped, $80/pair Shipped.

                    I have tested both of the speakers, they both work and are fully functional. The only damage is scratches on the back labels and a little dust. I bought them thinking they were guitar speakers, and I cant put these in my cab and still have it run on a useable impedance. The specs are as listed below:
                    Knight-12 Specifications:
                    RMS Power Handling: 300 watts
                    Peak Power Handling: 600
                    Ohms: 8
                    Frequency Response: 45 to 4500hz
                    Sensitivity: 100 dB
                    Magnet: 50 oz.
                    Basket: Cast Aluminum
                    Voice Coil: 3" kapton
                    Cone: Paper
                    Surround: Accordian
                    Binding Posts: Clip Type
                    Pole Piece: .
                    Overall Diameter: 12 1/4"
                    Overall Depth: 5 1/8"
                    Mounting Diameter: 11 1/8"
                    Mounting Depth: 4 5/8"
                    Warranty: 1 year

                    Knight-12 TS Parameters:
                    FS: 50 hz
                    VAS: 2.25
                    SD: 95.033
                    Qts: 0.64
                    Qes: 0.665
                    Qms : 17.26
                    BL: 15.47
                    Re: 6.1
                    Nominal Ohms: 8
                    Le (uH): 511.32
                    Mms: 82.15
                    X max (inches): 0.25
                    X mech (inches): 0.5

                    I Also have a Marshall MS-2 Mini Stack, good shape, works fine. $25 SHIPPED
                    Digitech Death Metal distortion stompbox, good condition and working, only a little dusty, $20 SHIPPED

                    If you have any questions or are interested in anything, please send me a PM.
                    Thanks, Nick.
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                      Peavey Prowler 1x12 tube combo!!!

                      2 channels - clean and overdrive w/boost!!

                      great amp, hate to sell but need car repair money


                      PM ME ASAP


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                        Great condition but I purchased an AxeFx II so I am selling. $395 shipped. Comes with manual and power supply. It is currently on the bay so it may go with buy it now.

                        For SaleBoss OBD-3 Bass Distortion Like New $45 shipped.MXR Boost/Line Driver great condition with velcro. $60 shipped.Tech 21 Power Engine 60 Like new. $225


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                          WTT: Mesa Mark IV Short Head + $ for Mesa Mark V. Hit me up with offers.

                          Originally Posted by Sixtonoize

                          It's don't have to have any idea what you're talking about to post here.

                          It's alright.

                          Originally Posted by Wizard of Ozz

                          I've owned at least 50 Marshalls...


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                            Looking to trade my Custom Shop ebony First Act Lola - I absolutely love this machine, but I honestly am looking for something a little lighter in weight. Think of a true LP/SG hybrid - it has SG bevels on one side, and a VERY comfortable tummy cut. I'd compare the neck to a somewhere between a PRS wide-fat and a Gibson 60's neck. It has a few nicks, but nothing of any major significance (standard playing wear). Neck/headstock are completely intact, never broken.

                            Currently loaded with EMG 81/85 setup, ready to roll, set up for 50-11's. Comes with original ABS First Act deluxe flight case, installed Dunlop Strap-Loks and Get'm Get'm Sergeant strap included ($50 value)

                            Looking for:
                            PRS CE models
                            PRS Miras
                            Lighter doublecuts

                            Looking for $750 shipped/pp gift, or add 3%.

                            Ah, Dickhammer.

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                            Line 6 DT25
                            Line 6 HD500
                            First Act Custom Shop Lola
                            PRS 20th SC