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  1. Originally Posted by jlb32 I don't trust any of those energy enhancer products. Never take 5 hour energy, Mio, Red bull, etc.... This, all that shit is terrible for you. Eat real food.
  2. I use them all at the same time with a elaborate ABY scheme ' alt='>'>
  3. You better make all of your money as a professional musician Jealous much? She's the best tube seller on the net. Why do you care how many amps she has?
  4. Usually I've found what your describing is actually related to the Phase Inverter tube. Replace the one nearest to the power tubes and you should be all set.
  5. Everyones seen them before so....................:arg: You should have just said
  6. That's cool...to each his own. I'm curious though....why'd you go see it? I mean, the trailer certainly isn't misleading...it's not like you could have thought you were going to see something light and romantic, or expect a cameo from Larry the Cable Guy... W I F E
  7. This. Movies about pyscho bitches don't do it for me. I just wanted to hand that bitch a sandwich and some adavan the whole movie.
  8. Eh, the problem with my guitar center is that it doesn't have {censored} that I would want. Tons of {censored}ing Raven amps, and Fender amps, and Squires, and all manner of dumb bull{censored}. They have a couple nice Biggest Items I have bought there: LP Classic, $1200 Mackie 808s $350 Peavey VTM $189 But yeah, those dudes don't know gear very well, but they are all poor, It's not like they have the money to really be dropping on tons of amps stuff like alot of people on this forum.
  9. I had never read this thread because I just don't give a {censored} about EVH, but holy {censored} balls does it deliver.
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