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  • Songs by DJ's (elctronic music producers)

    we've kind of experimented with this... songs by Calvin Harris, David Guetta etc. Anyone else doing it? I put "Don't you worry child" by Sweedish House Mafia and "Titanium" into my acoustic set and everyone loves them... the response is such that I'm going to incorporate them into band mashups for future shows.


    anyone else?

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    I'm surprised you haven't been doing them all along.  I kinda thought you were.

    We're doing more and more of them.  Especially bits in mashups-medleys.  Two that we're currently trying to piece together and find places for are the Calvin Harris/Florence Welch hit "Sweet Nothing" and Pitbull/Christina Auguliera's "Feel This Moment" which incorporates the melody line from Aha's "Take On Me".

    My present thought with the latter tune is to reverse it and play "Take On Me", but with more of the "Feel This Moment" beat underneath it and then when it gets to the bridge kicking into the "Feel This Moment" chorus instead.

    But we'll see.  Gotta hash that one out in rehearsal.

    I haven't put much thought into what to do with "Sweet Nothing" yet, but I hear it on the radio like every 5 minutes and I haven't got sick of it yet so I figure it's gotta be a winner.

    A good melody is a good melody and any big hit with a good beat and a good melody is going to probably going to work for you with the right arrangement.  



    • Lee Knight
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      I think Titanium is an awesome song.

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    Djs dont play my songs.............


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      DJs and electronic music producers are two different things.  Though some electronic music producers are also DJs.


      • joshmac
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        Ive definitely considered it. Rock versions of these electronic songs. We have no keys so it might be a bit weird but id love to try a Deadmau5 song or a SHM tune or something? I think first step will be to throw it into a middle section of a standalone song and see how it goes over.

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      We do Hello by Dragonnette and just added I Love It by Icona Pop.  So much of Electronic Dance Music uses really distorted sounding sounds that they lend themselves to electric guitar


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