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  1. So the two pedal I got were: EarthQuaker Devices The Depths V2 (A Univibe) Danelectro 3699 Fuzz I've never owned a Fuzz or a Univibe before. The Depths I LOVE. Can dial in this Dark Side of the Moon tones instantly. Lots of fun and definitely a fixture on my pedal board. It'll be awesome helping me fake keyboard tones/parts. The 3699 I'm still iffy on. It's got the fuzz and the Octave, which is really cool. But, IDK how else to say it except that it's too fuzzy. I really only like it with the fuzz down to zero. This one I'm going to need to play with a bunch mor
  2. I've had a Tube Screamer on my board for years, but a few weeks back I found an old Jeckyl and Hyde pedal I had lying around and I have to tell you, I think I like that overdrive better than the TS. Plus the distortion side of the pedal is an added bonus.
  3. I don’t know about anyone else, and maybe it’s shallow on my part. But ordering some new gear has gotten me back to playing a ton more. Goofy part is it’s just a couple pedals and they haven’t even arrived yet. IDK. I’m guessing because I’m not performing I needed something else to get me excited. Pedals arrive on Wednesday!
  4. Amazing as always! The first half had a lot of Oz inspiration for sure. Excellent tune and amazing playing.
  5. I love that Ibenez analog delay. I have the same pedal!
  6. Hey there, Long time member of the HC forums, but I've never posted on the effects forum. But I'm looking for thoughts. I've never owned a fuzz pedal. Now I have my eye on the Danelectro 3699 fuzz/octave pedal. I currently play through a Dr. Z M12 and generally keep it at about 6 on the master, so it breaks up a little on it's own. For overdrive, I use a Soul Food, which I love. My second dirt pedal is a tube screamer, but that barely gets touched, so I was thinking a Fuzz would diversify the sounds I'm able to get more. Anyone have any thoughts on this pedal or recomm
  7. That's great. Hadn't. heard that one before. I can't stop watching the drummers swaying hi-hat. LOL
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