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  1. So the two pedal I got were: EarthQuaker Devices The Depths V2 (A Univibe) Danelectro 3699 Fuzz I've never owned a Fuzz or a Univibe before. The Depths I LOVE. Can dial in this Dark Side of the Moon tones instantly. Lots of fun and definitely a fixture on my pedal board. It'll be awesome helping me fake keyboard tones/parts. The 3699 I'm still iffy on. It's got the fuzz and the Octave, which is really cool. But, IDK how else to say it except that it's too fuzzy. I really only like it with the fuzz down to zero. This one I'm going to need to play with a bunch more. I mean, if I was doing a Jimi cover band, it'd be awesome, but so far, it seems very one dimensional.
  2. I've had a Tube Screamer on my board for years, but a few weeks back I found an old Jeckyl and Hyde pedal I had lying around and I have to tell you, I think I like that overdrive better than the TS. Plus the distortion side of the pedal is an added bonus.
  3. I don’t know about anyone else, and maybe it’s shallow on my part. But ordering some new gear has gotten me back to playing a ton more. Goofy part is it’s just a couple pedals and they haven’t even arrived yet. IDK. I’m guessing because I’m not performing I needed something else to get me excited. Pedals arrive on Wednesday!
  4. Amazing as always! The first half had a lot of Oz inspiration for sure. Excellent tune and amazing playing.
  5. I love that Ibenez analog delay. I have the same pedal!
  6. Hey there, Long time member of the HC forums, but I've never posted on the effects forum. But I'm looking for thoughts. I've never owned a fuzz pedal. Now I have my eye on the Danelectro 3699 fuzz/octave pedal. I currently play through a Dr. Z M12 and generally keep it at about 6 on the master, so it breaks up a little on it's own. For overdrive, I use a Soul Food, which I love. My second dirt pedal is a tube screamer, but that barely gets touched, so I was thinking a Fuzz would diversify the sounds I'm able to get more. Anyone have any thoughts on this pedal or recommend a different fuzz/octave pedal. A little background, I perform in a cover wedding/casino band 5-6 times a month (pre covid of course), and have a fairly simple pedal board (tuner, 2 delays, 2 distortions, chorus, reverb, and wah). I usually perform with an ES-335 or an ES Les Paul. Thanks for any input!
  7. That's great. Hadn't. heard that one before. I can't stop watching the drummers swaying hi-hat. LOL
  8. I liked that. It's funny because I do the same thing all the time. The thing I'll add is I sometimes give myself options, so that depending on how I'm feeling, the length of the gig, etc., I might decide to play something higher or lower. That's easy when it's just my wife and I performing. With the full band, once we decide on the key, that's basically where we're stuck playing it.
  9. Must be nice... "Ya know, did a little ditty with Oz Noy during quarantine" <hair flip>
  10. I'd totally be into it. Really dug that Jump blues one you posted.
  11. I've been finally really learning solos that I've been covering for years. Figure might as well learn to play them correctly. Been on the "that's good enough" train for a long time!
  12. Present! I'd love to see this rev back up!
  13. i bought a Dr Z M-12 and it’s probably the last amp I’ll ever get. I love it. And at 12 watts, I’m able to make it work nicely in a small room yet I’ve played gigs to 2000+ people with no issues. I learned a long time ago to let the sound guy and the PA do their jobs. No need for crazy loud stage volumes.
  14. Wait.... I just read this thread. A club says "I pay $x per member", I say bye bye. We provide entertainment for the night. I'll put my dopey 4-piece, drums, bass, guitar, 3 vocals up against a 9-piece horn band and feel confident that we'll entertain the crowd equally as well if not better. For that we deserve commensurate pay. That may come off arrogant, but come on. My "day job" is in sales, and I don't sell "by the hour". I sell for the result. Selling your band is no different.
  15. I appreciate the response. And agree completely. If it's a high paying gig, I'll pay a sound company to handle.
  16. So, I've been a performing artist for quite a while, though I admittedly not the most tech savvy when it comes to sound equipment. I've played for quite some time in a 4-piece - bass, drums, guitar and 3 vocals. We started as a small club band and have grown to do mostly casino's, weddings and corporate events. Through that time, we ditched almost all of our thrown together PA and use sound companies to handle the PA. And... now we've decided that we'd like to add back in some local small club gigs (150ish people). All I have left is a Soundcraft board and 2 JBL PRX612's. I'm thinking that, for the time being, I can add a decent 18" powered sub, and that would be sufficient. The rooms I'm looking at will need mainly the bass drum (maybe a little snare and toms) and minimal bass guitar, as our bassists rig should fill up the room. So mostly, I'll be mic'ing guitar and 3 vocals. Am I crazy in thinking a single 1x18 sub will be sufficient? In my initial search the EON 618S seemed as though it would be a good choice. Again, if you think there are better options out there, I'm definitely open for suggestions. I look forward to any responses, as I'm looking forward to getting back to playing more local gigs. Thanks for reading!
  17. After 37 years of playing, I've been minimizing drastically. Down to only 2 guitars... A Setzer Gretsch 6120 and a custom strat. Of the two, I'd definitely keep the Gretsch.
  18. So I started out with the easy solution. I bought an attenuator. I got the Dr. Z Brake Lite SA. And to my ear it works really well. I was able to turn the Z-Wreck all the way up and the attenuator brought the volume back to a useable level. Now personally, the sound I really like is set the volume just past "noon", right to where it breaks up a little if it hit it, but I can still get really chimey clean tones. Then I use pedals to add dirt. The one thing I noticed is that I found myself adding just a little extra treble with the attenuator. But otherwise I really love it. The other suggestion I was given was to disconnect the "blue" celestian and just use the "gold" one. Haven't gotten that daring yet... I'll perform with the attenuator tomorrow night, so we'll see how it goes.
  19. That was really informative. Thanks.
  20. OK... This might be a stupid question and sorry if it is, but I'm confused... So, I've been a semi-professional guitarist, on and off, for 20 years, but I've never been much into understanding the technology. I've generally been a "sounds good enough" kind of guy. That has recently changed..... Up until 2 months ago I was playing with a cheap Excaliber 12 Watt Amp (1x12 Combo) and a Line6 HDPOD500. Well I fell in love with the Z-Wreck and bought the head/2x12 cabinet 2 months ago, and I'm now in the process of finalizing an all analog boutique pedal board. And I have to admit, as much as I used to argue that tone wasn't that important, it's night and day how much better my tone is now... Anyway, that's not the point of this post. I have a decibel meter, though if I can't pretend I understand what I'm measuring. I got it because I switch between two guitars and I wanted to make sure they were the same volume. And I've done a really good job at this. However, my quandary is this... I'd set the meter a couple feet from the speaker, and generally at "stage volume" it would read about 100 dB. Now that I've switched the the Z-Wreck, I got it out and when I got the tone I wanted, I expected it to be higher dB's. To my surprise, it's right about the same. But it sounds SO much louder. So I guess my question is "are dB's all equal?" Or does 2x12 vs 1x12 make the Z-Wreck seem louder? Or is there something else at play? Or is there more than just dB's that is involved with the overall volume that you hear?
  21. I used to teach 7th and 8th grade math. I learned early on that when the class is talkative, the wrong response is yelling. Instead talk quieter. It's amazing how hard that worked. So IMO, daddymack's advice is spot on. My wife and I perform acoustically 4-6 times a months. I am very cognizant of being too loud. You want to make sure people can hear you, but at the same time you are generally only part of the "entertainment equation" for the patrons. Yeah they like your tunes, but they are also there to visit with friends, eat, drink, etc. Therefore it is very important IMO to maintain a low enough volume so that people can carry on a conversation without shouting. It's amazing how often we'll play a restaurant and have a table that talks constantly the whole time they are there, paying us virtually no mind at all, and then they get up and tip $20-$30 on their way out and tell us how much they enjoyed it.
  22. The speaker idea is very interesting to me. I'm going to have to play with that this weekend. Thanks for all the input.
  23. Down to 3, a Gretsch 6120 Setzer, a custom made Strat, and a Taylor 314-CE. If I buy another guitar, it will most likely be either a Les Paul or a Tele with a Bigsby.
  24. I'm down to 2. A Fender Excaliber (which may disappear very soon as all it does is collect dust), and this... And I don't know if I'll ever buy another amp! FWIW, Those are my only 2 electric guitars as well...
  25. I used to hang out on the HC forums a lot... Finally making my way back. Anyway, I just picked up a Dr. Z Z-Wreck, which I love. The only issue is I want to crank the volume knob, but it makes the amp unbearably loud. Sou I think I'm going to pick up an attenuator. I thinking the Rock Crusher, but before I pull the trigger, I wanted to see if anyone else here had experience with and recommendations for attenuators.
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